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Locked Away by Riann C. Miller


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Locked Away


Riann C. Miller




Review by Paula:

Isabella sneaks in her dad’s office and over hears that she’s actually not his real daughter and Isabella life changes. Isabella is sent to live with her so called cousin Kate ,Gavin and Kiran. So many secrets so many lies in her life will Isabella ever be happy? Isabella meets Kiran and sparks fly they both fall for each other but Kiran doesn’t fall in love but will Isabella change that? Great story from beginning to end loved it! Drama very suspenseful!  Just like the first book to the series! Got the answers to many questions in this book! 4 Stars

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Kiran Clark has kept his love life simple: no commitments, no relationships, no attachments of any kind. Lately, his reputation has left a lot to be desired, and his guilt is more than he is willing to admit.

Moving to a new town, Kiran vows to start fresh and let go of his old ways, but life did not prepare him for Belle Paasch.

Belle lived most of her life locked away from the world, but when she collides with Kiran, she is unprepared for what he has in store. When the shadows of Belle’s past threaten the only people she has ever cared about, she is forced to sacrifice her new life for the sake of those she loves.

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I slide out from under Isabelle and walk to the bathroom. I quietly close the door and flip on the light to look at myself in the mirror. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I mumble. I splash water on my face as uneasiness settles in. Somehow, I’ve allowed Isabelle to get under my skin, and I have no idea what I can do to keep her. If I even want to keep her. Shit, of course I want to keep her, that’s the problem. When it comes down to it, though, what I want doesn’t matter.

Every damn time she talks about her life in Mexico, I do my best not to act disappointed that she plans to return to her old life, but it’s getting harder every second I’m with her.

I walk back into the bedroom where Isabelle is sound asleep. Her blonde hair is spread across her pillow. Her back slowly rises and falls. My heart speeds up just from looking at her. I pull the chair up next to the bed and I continue to watch her peacefully sleep.

I’m twenty-five years old, and I’ve spent my entire adult life avoiding the exact situation I’m in: feeling vulnerable and powerless to another person. Even though she knows she means something to me, Isabelle has no idea the control she wields over me, and for my peace of mind, I hope she doesn’t discover how much she really means to me before I discover if I have what it takes to keep her.

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About the Author


Hi, I’m Riann. I’ve been obsessed with reading romance novels for close to five years. I love getting to know new people in the book community and I’ve met several people along the way that I consider true friends.

I’m happily married with two children. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m usually spending time with my family, friends or watching baseball.

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