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On Thin Ice by Lisa B. Kamps

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On Thin Ice

Series: #8 Baltimore Banners

Author: Lisa B. Kamps

Release Date: July 25th, 2016


Kenny Haskell’s hard work and determination finally paid off last season when The Baltimore Banners called him up from the minors. That doesn’t mean the quiet defenseman is willing to stop proving himself. Each day is a new fight, a new opportunity, to prove to his coaches, to his team—and to himself—that he belongs with the Banners. Kenny is convinced he’ll be able to keep his head in the game with no problems—until he gets thrown out of a youth hockey game by one unforgiving ref who proves to be more of a distraction than he anticipates.

Lauren Gannon approaches life with a single successful mindset: take no prisoners, never give up, and always rely on yourself. At least, that’s what she likes to think. The last year has been a little different. Being saddled with her younger sister who refuses to grow up and take responsibility for anything is turning Lauren’s world into one crazy disaster after another. The last thing she needs to deal with is a professional hockey player who’s too attractive for his own good—or for her sanity.

The one thing Lauren has learned in life is to never underestimate the unexpected, and falling for Kenny definitely fits into that category. Can they really be friends and lovers? Kenny does his best to prove they can. But when a sudden family obligation forces Lauren to choose between what she knows is right and what she thinks is expected, will she find herself skating on thin ice and risking the happiness she really wants?

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Review by Christine:
On Thin Ice by Lisa B. Kamps is a hockey romance with a different twist. This novel has a mystery/thriller edge to it alongside a white hot romance. Lauren Gannon has always worked hard for everything she has and where she is in life. She loves and supports her family but her younger sister, Lindsay, who’s been living with Lauren has been causing her nothing but stress and money. Trying to juggle being a caring sister. Kenny Haskell loves hockey and since being called up to the Banners he’s push himself to prove to his teammates and coaches he belongs in the big league. Spending some time at the rink with a teammate watching a youth game, Kenny gets the wind knocked out of him and thrown out of the arena. He can’t stop thinking about the beautiful ref who challenges.

Lisa has done it again. 8 books later and each book is so fresh with a different twist allowing us to fall in love again and again. Lauren is such a strong character and once walked all over for so long fights back but you understand her reasoning for trying to give her sister the benefit of the doubt. Kenny is adorable and you can’t help falling in love for this romantic softy who is super supportive to Lauren. Lindsay the third character of this book. Well I wanted to slap the living $hit out of her more than once, her character is so cruel and vile it’s hard to see how she can be redeemed. I love how Lisa’s two series: Baltimore Banners and Firehouse 14 are starting to cross over from time to time. I highly recommend On Thin Ice it is a completely different feel for a sports romance. 5 Stars

*** Reviewed for Sweet & Spicy Reads – ARC provided for a honest review ***

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