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Falling For Flynn by Kate Willoughby



Falling for Flynn: A Silver Fox Sports Romance (Hockey on Tap Book 1)

by Kate Willoughby


Award winning author Kate Willoughby presents the Hockey on Tap hockey romance series, in which three retired Barracudas find love while managing their San Diego craft brewery.

Tracy Duval has spent her life proving women can play hockey. From leading her college team to coaching little girls, she’s been a champion of the sport. But when a sexist ad for the Barracuda Fantasy Hockey Camp seems to exclude women, she signs up to teach the boys a lesson.

Retired NHL player Flynn Hammerstrom meets Tracy at the local ice rink and is immediately intrigued. She’s mature, confident, sexy—and hello, she plays hockey. He’s ready to settle down again and, after his tumultuous marriage, he’s looking for a woman who is high on fun and low on drama.

Unfortunately, even though he’s nuts about her, the drama he desperately wants to avoid flares up at the fantasy camp.

And Tracy is smack dab in the middle of the fire.


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Author bio:

An Uncensored Man Banter™ enthusiast, Kate Willoughby happily writes her hockey romances in Southern California. When she’s not at Starbucks where she works as a barista, she is at her desk working on the next In the Zone novel. (Even the family dog knows to look for her there first.)

She likes cooking and watching cooking shows like Top Chef, The Pioneer Woman and Chopped. (One of these days she’ll get those new kitchen countertops.) She reads all kinds of books—romance, first and foremost; thrillers; biographies; science fiction and fantasy; and hockey non-fiction.

Kate is also a rabid LA Kings fan. Her collection of memorabilia is getting to the point where she’s going to have to dedicate valuable bookshelf real estate to it. The current piece de resistance is a signed photograph of Dustin Brown with the Stanley Cup raised over his head. Yes, he’s shirtless. Yes, she gazes at it a lot.

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