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Love, Lies & Crime Anthology



Title: Love, Lies, & Crime Anthology
Authors: Various
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Thriller
Cover Design: Designing Women
Release Date: November 7, 2016
Love, Lies, & Crime Anthology is now LIVE!
100% of the proceeds benefit Toys for Tots





What if you were given free reign to break the law…to commit a crime? Would you be brave enough to do it?
Ten writers will plot and weave stories of love, lies, and crime. You will want to buckle up and prepare for the ride. These deliciously twisted minds will serve you stories not apt for the faint of heart. You will sit on the edge of your seat gasping, sighing, laughing and crying page after page…
Will darkness defeat the light, or will gunpowder, switchblades and bloodshed reign?
Read ten bone-chillingly twisted, and provocative stories penned by ten brilliant masterminds of crime.


They’re waiting. Are you ready?


Participating Authors

Foreword by Sarah M. Cradit

Review by Candy:

I read three of the 10 stories in this anthology.
Shutter Speed by Freya Barker: It’s a HEA kind of story with a twist. Isla meets Ben at the family campground where she’s managing for awhile. Ben’s there undercover and can’t help but be intrigued by Isla. One night they spend together and then the next they spent weeks apart because she finds out his job without explanation. Can Ben win Isla back with the time she’s had to adjust the information?
Mantis by Courtney Shockley: Well everyone knows the female mantis is like the black window, she mates then kills. Gabby and Rosa are a pair of mantis’ but are soulmates. To feed the urges they must have sex with men to quell those urges, but there is someone watching. Z makes Gabby believe he’s a friend when he saves her but he has ulterior motives. As Gabby looks at Rosa her life in the balance what will come of these two at the hands of Z?
Dirty Secrets by Sills Webb: Josh is incarcerated because he’s loyal to his friend but his friend isn’t who he thought he was. Can Josh save himself from his prison sentence or will he remain in hell?
Each author has a different way if writing but will drag you into the story and have you wanting more. This anthology is filled with Live, Lies, & Crime so you get a bit if everything.
*** Reviewed for Sweet and Spicy Reads, ARC provided in return for honest Review***

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