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One-Timer by Lisa B. Kamps


ONE-TIMER by Lisa B. Kamps

The Baltimore Banners Book 9

Release Date: December 26th

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For Dillon Frayser, a rising star for The Baltimore Banners hockey team, life has come easy. A solid childhood, a happy family, a natural talent for playing the game he loves. The only thing missing is the degree he promised his parents he would get soon after he was drafted. If he could just force himself to focus on carbon atoms and organic chemistry, he wouldn’t have to worry about squeezing in embarrassing tutoring sessions between a busy schedule filled with practices and games.

Maggie Andersen dreads meeting her new student but she needs the money that tutoring will provide. That doesn’t mean she’s willing to put up with the anticipated antics of an arrogant brainless jock. When she finally meets Dillon, he turns out to be the exact opposite of what she expected: smart, funny, driven, and humble. Maggie soon finds herself letting her guard down and discovering a different kind of chemistry.

Will the tutoring sessions lead to something more for the mismatched pair? Or is this nothing more than a one-timer for the sexy hockey player?




Review by Christine:

One-Timer by Lisa B. Kamps is a sweet & funny romance between a geek & a jock that heats up the page. Maggie Andersen is working on her Masters degree and time is precious for her as she’s constantly studying, working on labs or tutoring to pay the bills. When asked by one of her teachers to take on new student to tutor the last thing she wants to do is deal with a jock just trying to breeze by. Dillon Frayser needs one more course to complete his degree in organic chemistry. Once he was drafted his studies became a thing of the past but wanting to surprise his mother on her birthday with his degree Dillon needs to hit the books again after years away. Juggling a busy NHL schedule and studying is a challenge and Dillon wants to impress Maggie too. Intrigued has turned into interested in more than Maggie’s mind and Dillon pushes Maggie to let down some of those walls she’s built around herself.

I really don’t know how Lisa does it. We are at book 9 in the Banners series and again another fresh, interesting brand new plot. I loved these characters. Maggie is smart and dedicated, hurt before by an athlete and forced her to protect her self and her heart. Dillon is smart, talented and charming but feeling the stress of his job and wants to break Maggie out of her shell. The first time we see these two meet – I almost died from laughter – Maggie’s pet is hilarious and I really enjoyed the meeting. One-Timer also introduces us to the lead of Lisa’s new series Playing The Game (York Bombers #1) and leads us into Harland Day’s story which I’m just itching to read. Well done again Lisa! 5 Stars for One-Timer by Lisa B. Kamps

*** Reviewed for Sweet & Spicy Reads – ARC provided for a honest review ***


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