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Victoria’s Top Reads of 2016



Here’s to trying to keep this small enough! I’ve 10 individual books. Lord knows I’ve got other I can add! I really like series it seems this year.  ~ Victoria



Clean Sweep (Venom, #1)
by V.L. Locey

This is possibly one of the best hockey romance stories I’ve read!
I literally fell in love with Jane before I hit page 2. This is the woman I hope I can be when I’m her age. She’s fiery, passionate, driven, and dedicated. Jane coaches strong hockey teams, demands the best from her players and from herself. There’s only one tarnish to her dedication and that’s her ex-husband and hockey star turned recruiter, Tore. And did I mention he is absolutely delicious? But where do you not want to run into your ex-husband? Your new job. Jane may fumble at first but once she finds her feet, you’ll ride her thoughts and passions right along with her as she builds the dream team she hopes to turn the Philadelphia Venom, the new woman’s professional hockey team she’s now coaching. Tore only complicates matters and ignites all the loss and pain from years past.
I devoured this book in less than a day, dying to know what happens with Tore and with the Venom. But fret not, readers, Locey will not disappoint with another book, Twirly Girl, who will let you follow the Venom along for their ride. You will love Jane and Tore beyond reason before you realize it.  5 Stars



Twirly Girl (Venom, #2)
by V.L. Locey

If you loved the Venom head coach in Clean Sweep, fall in love with our captain, Alicia. Perfect daughter of a state senator, Alicia’s passion for hockey is what drives her every decision. But what happens when even that love and dedication is questioned? Alicia starts to question it all when she meets Dale, and his daughter Wren. Dale is your classic man born in the wrong era. He would have fit right in with Woodstock, preferring a free spirited approach to everything. And he seems to be exactly what our strong headed captain is searching for. Her heart and head collide as she struggles to come to terms with her new found passion, and battle for her spot in the team roster. If I thought Jane was everything someone needed to be, Alicia will meld her passion and love for hockey with the passion and free spirit Dale brings to her.
Another amazing addition to a series I’m on the edge of my seat to continue! Join the Venom and battle along with them for their love of hockey and for their hearts! 5 Stars



Tape to Tape (Venom Series #3)
by V.L. Locey

I couldn’t love this series more if I tried! Another addition to the Venom Series, we get to know our defensive coach, none other than Dorothy “The Shadow” West. Professional defensive player turned coach, Dot has a don’t need no man attitude when it comes to life, both professionally and personally. Raising her daughter alone, all she cares about is protecting her women and making sure they win. But what happens when she goes toe to toe with the one man who seems hell bent on talking down the Venom every chance he gets? Coach West won’t allow her women to be slandered so vehemently on radio so she takes matters into her own hands and opens that Pandora’s box to take us on another ride.
Getting to know these amazing women one story at a time has been a pleasure, and I can’t wait for the next installment. Locey knocks it into the crease with these fabulously written, strong women opening their hearts to love and passion, melding that with passion for hockey. If there’s one book I recommend you pick up, it’s the Venom Series. 5 Stars



Pay for Play ( #1)
by Victoria Ashley, Hilary Storm

If you love sexy as sin men willing to do everything you say, the boys are yours for the taking. Lynx, the brains behind this SEXY as hell site, is the sin incarnate. It should be illegal to be as perfect as he is and he’s certainly not lacking in female attention. Rebel, a homebody Web designer, is looking for a second job to make a little extra money. She happens upon the hottest nightclub to bar-tend at.
With help of her roommate, Rebel also discovers the alpha boys to play with. Little does she know her new boss is the leading man. This is a story filled with passion, steamy to your core, blood pumping, glasses fogging hot romance. Rebel and Lynx are drawn to each beyond their own control. Join them on this sinful ride of temptation, pleasure and watch their romance bloom.
I could not and would not put down this book. From page one, Lynx captured my heart and other parts, and I would kill to be Rebel. This is one book that will not leave you wanting.
5 stars



Two Can Play ( #2)
by Victoria Ashley, Hilary Storm

Get ready to get hot and ready for another sexy beast from the Alpha House. Blaze is next in line to follow his hot pursuits. Blaze is what we all wish we could find, a sexy stallion with unwavering sexual energy and desires. He heats the women who watch him up like no other and loves doing it with his well hung package. But can anyone get to Blaze and simmer his wildfire?

Karma, the fabulous piercer and tattoo artist who graced our men with their jewels to the family jewels, has been hot on Blaze’s mind since she grabbed him by the balls. They spark, sizzle and ignite all over each other. What more could you want from two hot and spicy people coming together?

An easy read, this is one that will grip you to your seat as you squirm through the passion that ignites between two beautiful people almost meant for each other. 5 stars



LOST (Captive Heart #1)
by Carrie Aarons

Where do I even begin telling you how amazing this book is? For the first time in a while, I’ve been left with that hollow feeling of finishing a book and not at all wanting it to ever end.
Charlotte is a quiet, subdued woman who has spent her entire life trying to live up to the unreal expectations of her mother and her own ideas. Tucker Lynch is everything you’d think of an ex-star athlete, injured before his big break. Their worlds collide in an atomic bomb when they rediscover each other in the most unlikely way, a bank robbery. But not just any bank robbery, Tucker robbing Charlotte’s bank. Of all the banks, in all the cities, he picks the one woman who’s ever had a hold on him and he seems to be the only man who’s ever come close to her heart.
This sets in motion a roller-coaster of emotion, pain, confessions, and most of all, healing from pasts too hard to face. These two lost souls hold each other up in the most unlikely of times, helping to close the old wounds they didn’t know were still open.
Get lost with Tucker and Charlotte, and you’ll be praying they never get found. A book I could not pry myself away from, you’ll be begging for the sequel by the end, or screaming for it with me. 5 Stars


FOUND (Captive Heart #2)
by Carrie Aarons

How do you describe the perfect ending to a series? Carrie Aarons managed to create a perfect story with Charlotte and Tucker.
In the first installment, Lost, we met Charlotte and Tucker, childhood friends from different families both carrying heartache and disappointment from their parents. But they find each other again, when both are lost, and they help each other find what they were missing. We leave them on the cliffhangers of all cliffhangers, and find them again 3 years later. Tucker, fresh out of prison, and Charlotte having changed her life and centered it around Tucker.
Their love undergoes new trials, and hardships and they can either fight for it together, or risk losing it all. Their love and their story will gripe you in Lost and will fill your heart again in Found.
Often, I’m struck feeling like something was missing from the end of a series but this…. Carrie has outdone herself in every facet, and created the perfect story for those of us who love a good love/heartbroken series. So beyond highly recommend, I literally couldn’t figure out how to describe perfection for days after finishing. 5 Stars



Marek (Knights Corruption MC Series, #1)
by S. Nelson

Bad boy lovers, we have a new favorite. I present Marek, a bad boy biker extraordinaire! What I will start with saying, this novel does contain some graphic scenes involving rape and torture, those with queasy stomachs may chose to skip a few pages here and there, although these are essential to the story. Now on to the good stuff, Sulley, a young woman forced into the motorcycle club life by her father and pawned off to the first bad soul that would have her. Sulley brings you into her despair and her depressing life where she sees no sign of an exit. Marek, president of a rival club, is just the man to save a lost soul and he doesn’t even know it. Lost in his own world of revenge, and running his club legit, Marek doesn’t even know what hit him when he and Sulley cross paths. Join this bad-ass couple on a ride you’ll remember. Your heart will grow as these two grow and you’ll be on the edge of your seat to find out what happens! I couldn’t put it down. First of a series, I’m counting the days until the Knights of Corruptions come back.
4.5 stars



Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series, #2)
by S. Nelson

If you, like me, fell in love with the Knights of Corruptions in Marek, you will adore Stone. Hot, both physically and tempered, Stone is second in command in the Knights of Corruptions, a motorcycle club in the process of going legit. Adelaide is a beautiful nurse who happens to be called in when someone needs patching. She also happens to be a member’s niece who is desperately trying to keep her distance from the club to not be pulled into their mayhem and danger.
But what happens when the danger calls to your heart in the shape of a sexy, rugged VP? Addy can’t seem to resist Stone in all his tempting ways, never-mind the threat from her uncle for all members to keep their distance.
Come along for the ride of your life, Stone will capture your heart and heat while you wish you could be Addy.
I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next!
5 stars



Jagger (Knights Corruption MC Series, #3)
by S. Nelson

Now that I’ve taken a cold shower, let me tell you about the men you’ll soon be dying to know. Knights of Corruption, my favorite biker gang going legit, is filled with the strongest and toughest men you’ll ever meet. To become one, there’s no higher an honor. The young and so sexy Jagger, an up and coming underground fighter, just so happens to be a prospect to the club. Hard as nails from his years of abuse, Jagger fits in well with the men who give him family but there seems to be something missing. Seeing the happiness a partner brings some of his brothers, Jagger may be young by age but his heart is old.
Kena, beautiful enticing, Kena. This mysterious woman is another added to my list of “Can I please just be you?”. Kena is the exact opposite of Jagger. Where he is rash and quick to act, Kena is reserved. Where he is violent, Kena is peaceful. Where he is loud, Kena is quiet….well mute actually. Jagger loses his heart to her before he even knows what happened. But living in the world he does, in the danger he does, can he really bring his heart and soul into that danger with him?
Another incredible ride with KC! I finished this in two nights (only because I have to like actually work). Jagger is now on my list of dream men because the Knights are not boys, these are not the little boys who will take your heart and break it, these are the men who take your heart and guard it with theirs. I cannot sing high enough praises for this series. I’ve completely fallen in love and cannot at all wait for the next installment. 5 stars


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