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Candy’s Top Reads of 2016





Full Tilt (Full Tilt, #1)
by Emma Scott

OMG! That was one of the most hardest story to read without crying every other page. Emma this must have been hard to write? Emma is a new author for me and man she had me from the start. Jonah and Kacey were meant to find each other and one night they did. The story starts with Jonah waking from having a heart transplant. He wakes to his mom, dad, and brother. But someone is missing Jonah’s girlfriend Audrey. His brother Theo has bad news to give him after such an ordeal, Audrey decided she couldn’t stay and left without saying anything to Jonah. See Jonah was a healthy 25 year old who traveled with friends to the ends of the earth, but on the last trip Jonah got real sick from swimming in a river and it was eating away at his heart. A year and a half later the news of the heart is bad. Jonah has months to live, he has given himself a routine and is sticking by it to finish a masterpiece of blown glass for a art gala. By day Jonah works on his glass and by night he’s a limo driver. One night while Jonah waits for his fair (a rock band) a bodyguard flies out the back door with a band member and is told to take her home, well easier said than done when the house is locked up tight. Not wanting to just leave her he decides to take her home with him. Here is where we meet Kacey and all her glory (no pun intended really). She is passed out in the back of the limo until she decides to hurl onto the floor. Jonah against policy takes the limo home to drop of Kacey but doesn’t want to leave her alone, so the limo spends the night outside his apartment too. It’s the next morning and Kacey is alive but she has no clue where she is or what exactly happened from the night before. Before I give it all away and leave you nothing, Jonah and Kacey become friends in this short amount of time but Kacey has a responsibility to the band she’s in (lead guitarist). Kacey is re-evaluating her life thanks to Jonah. This is a heart wrenching story but so worth the read. Emma I loved this story and you made it flow with each main character’s POV (my favorite way of writing lately). This year alone I have read two tear jerkers and love both of them. Emma well done!
Please pick this one up it’s way worth it but there’s no HEA and there’s a part two. You’ve been warned.




Ruthless (Lawless, #1)
by Lexi Blake

When the Lawless boys set out to do something they do it, but when Riley meets the mark bets are off. Ellie Stratton isn’t like her father (evil) she’s down to earth and that’s why Riley doesn’t like what he has to do. Ellie has a secret and so does Riley but they don’t know how the other will react so secrets stays hidden. There’s an almost immediate attraction but Ellie isn’t sure what to think of Riley, but they both have each other on their minds. Fight as Ellie may she gives into Riley. Revenge is the name of the game but who will win Ellie and Riley or Steven Castalaono? To find out pick up book 1 in the series.
Lexi did a good job making you wonder what happens next. A must read.




The Scars Keeper
by Scarlet Wolfe

The stars aligned on these two. Both have secrets but there will come a time that they will share. Scarlet this was a well written story, and I’m impressed with how you brought out stereotypes and how to possibly bring them together. The writing flows and makes the reader feel and that’s a great writer. For being a YA book I enjoyed it, I’m normally more adult but I need a break from it once in awhile. I recommend this book even if you’re not a YA reader you’ll like this one.




Romanian Mob Chronicles Box Set (Romanian Mob Chronicles #1-3)
by Kaye Blue


That was an intense read. The journey taken was not paved in gold. Vasile and Fawn were made for each other to fix each other. Fawn awake feelings in Vasile that he didn’t know existed, Vasile made Fawn feel worth and safety. Glad to see that the road not paved in gold finally became golden in the end.
O enjoyed Fall as much as I did Keep. Sorin and Esther were a riot. Two people who acted like they were in grammar school with their antics before really understanding their feelings for each other. Two worlds intertwined one normal one not so normal…perfect.

Lily had a mission and Clan Constantin was gonna pay. Braden needed justice and Lily was gonna be the server. Anton wasn’t sure about Lily in her role to Christoph Constantin as his nurse at his time of illness. It seems no one really has concern but Anton. Who is she? What is it about her that nags at him? Besides her beauty and the tingle she made him feel with barely a touch… With Anton caught by Lily in her room, it was when he stood in front of her that she knew he wouldn’t be easy to sway because of the way he made her feel. No Anton filled her mind as much as she filled his but both needed to concentrate on the matters at hand. Anton had a job to do for Christoph and Lily had revenge to plan out… Things heat up between Anton and Lily will each do what they were meant to do?
I must read series for each a standalone but intense reading. Kaye has a great series on her hands with this one.



Reckless Abandon (Gilded Knot Book 1)
by Elle Luckett

Where do I start? Nixie has self esteem issues that run into trust issues and her friend Carl can see beyond that there is beauty. But he doesn’t tell her the party they are going to is gonna unleash that beauty. The Gilded Knot is a BDSM club and let’s just say Nixie is none to thrilled but stays anyway. Jackson who is the manager of The Gilded Knot and a member is introduced to Nixie and for good reason because they are a perfect fit. Both have trust issues but Jackson will earn Nixie’s but forget to have her earn all of his. Each character is broken but can fix each other until……. Jackson has brought out Nixie’s inner sub with his Dominant side, she is a natural once she has a better understanding. They also act outside of the club as people. They find that they have similar commonalities, so they can be people outside of the club. Both have fallen hard for each other and I couldn’t be more happy for them but the past is going to invade (by words spoken) and the happy becomes misery. Can Nixie forgive the one person she let in and trusted with her heart?
Elle you hit this one out of the ballpark and I can’t wait for book 2. You had me felling everything they were feeling and that is great writing. The story flowed nicely and writing from both POV is my all time style.




Dirty Ugly Toy
by K. Webster

OMG! I loved it! It was intriguing with twist and turns. It was intense too. Brad and Jessica two broken souls brought together in a fated way to heal each other’s soul. Jessica brought out the best in Braxton even he had to eventually admit. They both had secrets that came out when they didn’t want them to. It doesn’t end the way you think.



22199998 (1).jpg

Love in Rewind
by Tali Alexander

I loved this book. Who says love at first sight doesn’t exist, well if this was a reality and not a book it would be proven. Louis and Emily are two worlds that collide from a distance. Even though Emily is still young (18) doesn’t mean she can’t know that the love of her life was standing in the same vicinity as her but is 11 years older. Age really is just a number if the one you love is the one you love. Louis has a past of being a playboy but once he sees Emily all that changes. Emily’s sister Jenna has a party planning business that one night Jenna needs her little sister’s help and that’s where Emily’s life begins. Louis has seen his other half and must meet her but the night they see each other is not the night they meet……..
Wow, Tali’s writing is beautiful in the way she orchestrates the lives she envisions. Loved the music picked as well, being an 80’s kid myself. Tali has brought a new vision of writing by going backwards to understand what lies in fast forward in this we call life in a book.
A must read to a series full of unexpectedness.



25627477 (1).jpg

Lies in Rewind
by Tali Alexander

Another one out of the ballpark! This one had me wondering what would happen to Louis and Emily but it played it’s part because this was about Sarah and Jeff. This is their story and the lies it created in everyone’s lives around them. Sarah has been two people, slut Sarah and lies Sarah and neither wanted to exist. Jeff is the cause of both Sarah’s and he himself is two people because of his selfishness to have two worlds exist in one. But to start off this roller coaster is Emily, Louis and Liam (William). Emily is broken thinking Louis have left her so she runs away to the unknown and into Liam. Liam is part of Louis’ past by being the brother of a girl (Isa) that loved Louis but not herself. Isa made Liam believe Louis was a bad guy (in his bachelor days) but he finds Emily and changes his ways but Liam doesn’t believe. Sarah and Emily have a plan but Emily backs out and Sarah carries on with it (to meet Liam). Jeff shows up unaware of Sarah and Liam because this is the name Sarah leaves for Liam to gain access to her suite. Liam walks in on Jeff leaving thinking it was Louis and him having a mistress but that’s not what it looks like. Sarah wakes to Liam and then their worlds collide and who knows what will happen next…..
Great job again Tali ❤ I have enjoyed book 2 as much as book 1. This is definitely a great series of multiple lives that interact together in one way or another. Must read. Hope book 3 is just as good 🙂



30340019 (1).jpg

Lost in Rewind
by Tali Alexander

Holy cow was almost disappointed…..
Now that I’ve said that I’m sure how to describe the events in this book. This one is about Jeffery and Sarah but not Sarah that we have already read about, so with that I will say no more.
I will say I loved this series very much. Tali you have done well with the Audio Fools series, Congratulations!! can’t appraise you on this series enough. Tali’s writing is spectacularly well done in this series she brings us many lives that intertwine and how they all interact and the significance of them all.



28102326 (1).jpg

Saber Chronicles Volume One (Saber Chronicles, #1-4)
by R.E. Butler

Loved It!! I was given this book in return for an honest review. Very well written. Each book held a certain intrigue for each family member and you wanted to know what would happen next. It was a different twist on shifters and how they find their true mate. Can’t wait for a sequel to find out how everyone is doing in their relationships (like weddings and cubs due date(s)).

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