Best Of

Paula’s Top Reads of 2016



Written in the Scars
by Adriana Locke

Very emotional story that will change your life forever! Hands down the best book Adriana Locke has ever written. Elin and Tyler been together seems forever until marriage life things were becoming a struggle. Time goes by and Tyler is back. Elin has her walls up and isn’t ready for them to come crashing down. Five best friends can they all come together and help Tyler and Elin realize they need each other? Every character in this book has a special meaning and will hold to your heart after reading this story. If your looking for a beautiful, emotional, heartfelt story this is that book. “Everyone has a purpose in life even you” “It’s not just the words we speak in a moment, but the weight of words per the course of time that matter” 5/5 stars but deserves 10!



The Silent Waters (Elements, #3)
by Brittainy C. Cherry

Ever read a book that you know you will never forget that opens your eyes and you truly will look at people a different way? This is that book. Maggie a typical little girl having a crush on the neighbor boy until one day Maggie sees something that changes her life forever. Brooks won’t give up on Maggie through everything he sticks by his promise until one day something horrible happens to him. With determination Maggie and Brooks need the strength to discover the world . “The world keeps spinning because your heartbeat exist” “No matter what, find me, because I’m going to be the one to show it to you. I’m going to help you cross off your to-do list.” Beautiful, heart beating story that will always make you remember you have a voice. 5/5 stars if I could give it more I would!



El Diablo (The Devil, #1)
by M. Robinson

Welcome to EL Diablo’s world. Ever read a book and you feel what the characters are feeling ? One min you hate a character the next you love them? This book, one minute I was crying the next I was yelling at my kindle! Alejandro aka “the devil” wow you totally find out why he received that name ,his character made me feel so many emotions I felt bipolar, up and down you didn’t know what was gonna happen next. Lexi what a strong girl turned into a strong sassy don’t take no crap woman I loved her! Lexi’s character reminded me of myself she knew what she wanted and tooth and nail never gave up! Never assume in this book you think everything is fine then BAM! seriously whiplash to the point I had to take deep breaths cause I couldn’t believe what I read! This in my opinion is Author M. Robinson’s best book she’s ever written! 5/5 stars but deserves 10!



Whispers and the Roars
by K. Webster

I started reading this book without having a clue to the story and I’m completely blown away. I think this is K Webster’s best book ever! The characters in this book will bring out your emotions. This is a book you have to open your mind and just feel! “Your whispers keep me sane. Your roars keep me safe.” This is a really hard book to review because you don’t wanna spoil anything! I have never read a book like this before, I will deeply and truly never forget it. When you know someone loves you they will never leave you and they will be your rock the reason they can leave the demons go. 5/5 whisper stars deserves 10!
Juniper is a girl who has no clue about men or relationships she meets Kyle in a awkward position. Kyle has never loved anyone doesn’t do relationships he does seasons Winter,Summer,Fall with a contract that his woman sign and then move on. Juniper at first is like seriously this man is crazy lol but Kyle gets to her and she agrees. Kyle has a horrible past and his family are sum it up jerks that I feel have never showed Kyle what love is and always make him the bad guy. Will Juniper change Kyle? Will Juniper be able to forget about Kyles past? Will Kyle finally love? Drama, suspenseful very emotional .. Reminds me of 50 shades of grey but in a different direction. The ending gutted me I’m a crying mess! I can’t wait to read book 2 5/5 stars but I’d give it 10
This book is very dark, crazy, psycho and so much more! Jade and Macy were little girls and got kidnapped by a evil, twisted, disgusting man named Benjamin who calls them his dirty dolls. Jade after years of torture one day when Ben is drunk she escapes and is determined to come back for her sister. Years go by and Jade becomes a detective and still is looking for Ben and her sister and won’t give up but what happens when Jade finds out Ben has been around this whole time? Will Jade ever be safe? Wow this book actually creeped me out and had me pacing the floor. I had to stop reading sometimes because of all the angst and disturbing things of Ben. Once you read this book you won’t ever be able to look at a doll again! But I absolutely loved it! If your looking for that book ,that puts you on the edge and makes you want more and more look no further! 5/5 sick,twisted stars deserves way more!
Estelle gets on a plane but has this gut feeling like she shouldn’t. Galloway just wants to move on with his life and do his job. Plane crashes only 4 survived. Left on a island for years! I absolutely LOVE this book so much! I actually felt I was there with them all on the island. I’m so glad the author had Estelle continue her writing and showed us how Estelle felt and Galloway so much drama and love my heart sank and fell for them! I don’t wanna give any spoilers so I’m trying to watch what I say lol But seriously read this book. It’s heart wrenching,scary, romantic, so many emotions I can’t even describe! This book is a very serious book almost could be true at least I felt that way! When you think everything is good then BAMB things happen and you wish you could help or BAMB you find out the truth! This book deserves way over 5++ stars in my top 10 for sure.
Wanna read a story that will tug at your heart? A story that will make you smile, laugh, cry and scream HOORAH! Nico lives in the poor side of the tracks he’s Mexican and doesn’t come from money, Reagan’s family is all about football her brother is quarterback until something happens and Reagan encourages Nico to try out for the football team. Things become heated between the football players jealousy, envy, racism this book blew me away! Will Nico win the championship? Will Nico and Reagan tell each other how they feel? Family isn’t just your blood family is anyone who believes in you, trusts you and loves you deeply! Never give up on your dreams! 5/5 stars deserves 10!!

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