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Toli & Tessa by Kat Mizera

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After a whirlwind romance, Las Vegas Sidewinders forward Anatoli Petrov is finally going to get his happily-ever-after. With everyone they love in attendance, he and his fiancée Tessa are getting married—and he’s pulling out all the stops to make this an event no one will ever forget.

Tessa Barber couldn’t say no when the sexy Russian hockey player who stole her heart insisted on having the wedding of the year. When someone with an axe to grind shows up and wreaks havoc on their special day, events unfold that make her wonder if Toli is the man she thought he was.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the cold streets of Moscow, Toli and Tessa become embroiled in a complex and terrifying web of deceit. Tessa isn’t sure who to trust – including her new husband. Toli isn’t sure what’s going on with his wife, but before he can fix his marriage he has to figure out how to keep the situation in Russia under control. Will they be able to figure out the truth or is it a game misconduct for them both?



Review by Christine:

Las Vegas Sidewinders: Toli & Tessa by Kat Mizera is the latest installment in her hockey series and brings us the wedding of Tessa & Toli and all that ensues after it. This series should be read in order to really enjoy the complexity of the characters and the ongoing story but at the least “Anatoli” Book 4 should be read before this one.

Toli couldn’t be happier to marry Tessa, he planned the entire day down to the smallest detail so when his plans turn upside down he needs to know why which means returning to his homeland. Tessa loves her husband and wants to meet his family but everything is moving so fast her head is spinning. Once on Russian soil it seems to Tessa that Toli is acting completely different and cold towards her which makes her question why the change and what is going on?

One thing I love about this series is the crazy things that happen to the characters. When you least expect it, bam you’ll get a twist and turn you didn’t see coming. Tessa & Toli burn up the page again and it’s hard not to need a cold shower reading these two together. My only fault with this novel was Tessa’s over reaction to an event and the rehashing of said event. Did this ruin the book for me? No way. Kat’s series is by far one of the most original hockey romances you will ever read. 4 Stars for Las Vegas Sidewinders: Toli & Tessa by Kat Mizera

*** Reviewed for Sweet & Spicy Reads – ARC provided for a honest review ***


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