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Playing To Win by Lisa B. Kamps

Playing To Win
York Bombers #2
Releases 3/21


Jason Emory has one motto: play hard, love hard…and win at all costs. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the ice or playing the field, his only goal is to win. For a life goal, it sounds pretty good. So why does he feel like he’s drifting aimlessly instead of having the world at his feet? At least, that’s what it feels like until one hot night with a beautiful stranger who seems oddly familiar—a stranger he can’t forget.
Megan Bradley loves working at her parents’ bar. Why shouldn’t she, when that gives her a chance to see her long-time crush up close and personal? Not that Jason knows who she is, not when she’s nothing more than a modern day ugly duckling swimming in a sea of glittering swans. At least, until her best friend hatches a plan for an extreme makeover.

All she wants is one night to never forget—but sometimes getting what you want isn’t what you need. Can she walk away from the connection that should have never happened? And what happens when it’s time to face the truth—especially when she realizes that one sexy hockey player will stop at nothing when it comes to winning?

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Playing to Win - Teaser 4.jpg
Review by Christine:
Playing To Win by Lisa B. Kamps is a sexy coming of age love story between two slightly naive characters. This is the second installment in Lisa’s York Bombers series but can be read as a standalone as well. Jason Emory loves playing hockey and all the perks that come with a hockey lifestyle but when he least expects it he’s knocked to the ice by an unsuspecting beauty. Megan Bradley loves watching people and has a way of assessing people based on their social interactions. A gift she’s picked up while working at her parent’s bar. Always the watcher and never the watched Megan feels unseen until one night and two days could change her path for good.

I couldn’t put this book down! I was up past 2 am last night because I wanted to finish this book and couldn’t sleep till I did. This story very much felt like an Ugly Duckling or a Cinderella (without the evil stepfamily) retold with a modern twist. The chemistry between our leads was off the charts! I swear some of the best sex scenes I’ve read in months. Jason’s completely oblivious to small details and sometimes big ones to the point you might wanna smack some sense into him like I did. Megan is a sweet girl with a crush who when she steps out of her “safety bubble” challenges herself to want more but scares herself too. Playing To Win run’s parallel at times to book one in the series: Playing The Game. We get to see team interactions from different POV’s this time around. I can’t wait for Haley’s story which I think is connected to Tyler too – fingers crossed! Lisa made us think with this story and I can’t wait to see what in store for us in the next installment! 5 Stars for Playing To Win by Lisa B. Kamps

Playing to Win - Teaser 5.jpg

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