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ALTERCATION by Mignon Mykel


by Mignon Mykel
Playmaker Duet #1
Publication Date: March 28, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, New Adult



Sometimes it’s the fight that proves your worth.

Porter Prescott spent years fighting to be his own person.

His goal of playing for a hockey club not associated with the Prescott name finally comes true.

But just as he’s leaving for the next chapter in his life, he meets her.

Asher Spence spent a lifetime learning she was worthless and unwanted.

She learned that sometimes the only person you can count on is yourself, and even then, you can fail.

What starts out as picture perfect can only come crumbling down.

No one listened to her pleas before,

Why should they listen to them now that she’s found a place to finally call home?

But sometimes, it’s the fight that takes you out of the game.

This DUET can be read as a standalone from the Prescott Family series. However, please note that this is book one in a duet. Book two, Holding, will be releasing within three weeks of Altercation’s release, concluding the duet.

Review by Christine:
Altercation by Mignon Mykel is a passionate, emotional tale of two souls connection against odds. This story should be read after enjoying Troublemaker (Porter’s Story) & Breakaway (Asher’s Story) which Altercation picks up right where these two novella’s leave off and spans 4 years flawlessly.

I love slow burn romances that really let you feel what the characters are going through and connection they feel for each other. Mignon has nailed that down to the T in Altercation. The perfect amount of angst, heat and at times humor, Altercation is a rollercoaster of a romance. Porter is a swoon worthy hero who cares so deeply for Asher he puts aside his own sexual desires to love her the way she needs to be. Asher’s life has changed so much and being welcomed into the Prescott family finds her healing from her past and looking towards the future – possibly a future with Porter. We are left with a cliffhanger but with Holding due out in days we won’t suffer long. I had high expectations after reading the prequel novella’s and Altercation met and exceeded everything I hoped for in this story. Now to sit tight for Holding – I’m literally in a holding pattern! 5 Epic Stars for Altercation by Mignon Mykel



Review by Christine:
Holding by Mignon Mykel is a heartbreaking tale of love & loss and the odds stacked against them with the hope that in the end love will concur all. Holding is the send half of Mignon’s Playmaker Duet and picks up right after Altercation left off and jumps right into the action. I normally give a little blurb of the story but I honestly don’t wanna give away a single thing about this story. Reading Holding put me on a roller-coaster of emotions and I couldn’t put it down and read it entirely in one sitting. Even though at times I wanted to give the main characters a smack to smarten them up I understood why each did what they did throughout the story. I felt their reasons for and enjoyed the ride this story took me on over this duet and loved seeing more of the Prescott family we’ve grown to love. Mignon has created an outstanding duet that compliments each other perfectly and will keep the reader glued to the story till the end. 5 “Always” stars for Holding by Mignon Mykel


Sometimes holding on, impedes moving on.

First comes love, then comes marriage…

But before the ceremony could start, Porter’s world was knocked off it’s axis.

He fought for years to break down Asher’s walls, to see past her ghosts…but some ghosts may be too hard to fight.

Asher knew better than to believe she could keep her past in the past,

Keep the filth of who she was, from touching the Prescott family.

But as badly as she wants to keep Porter away

…she needs his family more.

What you see is what you get…

And even the most astute eyes can’t see the biggest ghost.

Sometimes holding on is the only choice you have.



Mignon Mykel is the author of the Prescott Family series, as well as the short-novella erotic romance series, O’Gallagher Nights. When not sitting at Starbucks writing whatever her characters tell her to, you can find her hiking in the mountains of her new home in Arizona.

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