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Fallen by P.J. Fox

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By P.J. Fox




New Romance Set Against Dystopian Backdrop

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Entrepreneur and billionaire heir Dane is perfectly suited for New Victoria – a violent world that rose from the ashes of the Third World War and that prizes dominance above almost all else. Ani, a pacifist and outsider, is drawn to him against her better judgment, and even against her will, and Dane finds himself unable to resist Ani’s independent spirit. Although he, as a product of the society that’s given him so much, has long regarded such spirit as anything but a virtue. He likes his women like he likes everything else — on his own terms — and wonders, can he tame her? And will Ani let herself be tamed? Set against the dystopian backdrop of a society that encourages crimes of all kinds under the guise of keeping society stable, particularly on the night of the Purge, Fallen by P.J. Fox is an enthralling romance centered on a strong female protagonist.

“Many romance novels have vapid, simple heroines inexplicably pursued by men who’d be on Criminal Minds save for the fact that they’re rich,” says Fox. “What makes Fallen different is that Ani is a self-possessed, intelligent woman who isn’t looking for love, and certainly not with her arch enemy. This is less a tale of him saving her and more a tale of her saving him. I use real world problems addressed, if not necessarily solved, by real world solutions. My characters overcome their very real differences by growing and changing.”

Though Fallen has its fair share of violence and sex, the overall message of the book is a positive one of hope. Many women today still have a difficult time deciding for themselves who they are and what they want, and protagonist Ani offers readers a relatable and admirable character.

“Ultimately, this is a romance, and I want the reader to fall in love with my characters,” Fox explains. “The reader should want them to get together; should want them to succeed. Soul destroying, world changing love isn’t just for tame Mary Sues, it’s also for nerdy, introverted girls with real interests and real brains.”

Fallen is the thirteenth book by P.J. Fox. Previous titles include The Demon of Darkling Reach, The White Queen, The Black Prince series, Book of Shadows, Prince of Darkness and more, all of which were traditionally published.

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Review by Paula:

This book is about the rich class and Ani doesn’t fit in or want to. Ani doesn’t believe in the purge and wants a man who loves her and cares about her. Everyone tells Ani true love and no purge doesn’t exist in the world. Ani can’t stand Dane the one man who won’t give up trying to make Ani hers. Dane is Lucifer in Anis eyes he has killed and has multiple partners and Ani tells Dane he’s disgusting and wants nothing to do with him. But the purge is coming up will Dane be the only man out there to keep Ani safe? Shocking, thrilling and exiting book that keeps you on your toes till the end. Evil could be closer to Ani than she even knows. 4 Stars!

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P.J. Fox is the author of the traditionally published novels: The Demon of Darkling Reach, The White Queen, The Black Prince: Part I, The Black Prince: Part II, The Price of Desire, A Dictionary of Fools, The Prince’s Slave, Book of Shadows, Prince of Darkness, Blood to Drink, and numerous other novels, novellas, short stories, and nonfiction works. She’s published over a million and a half words so far, and has no plans to stop anytime soon. In addition to being traditionally published, P.J. is also proud to have recently become a Wattpad Star, and you can be one of her beta readers by reading her new content here. She holds a degree in Medieval History and previously worked as an attorney before becoming a full-time writer. Fallen is her thirteenth book.

Fallen will be published on April 18, 2017, and is available for pre-order at


For more information, visit and connect with the author on Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, and follow @pjfox on Radish.

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