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Love Won by Gillian Jones



Release Blitz: Love Won
by Gillian Jones
Genre: RomCom Contemporary Romance
Series: Winning At Love, Book One
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McCoy Graves: Public Enemy Number One. The crusher of childhood fairy tales.
McCoy Graves is arrogant. A jerk.
McCoy Graves is my brother’s best friend … and my new boss.
Oh, and did I mention, he’s also the love of my life?
‘Cause, yeah, there’s that too.
My name is Eastlyn Hatfield, and this is a story about our feud.
Review by Victoria:
Life has a funny way of working things out, especially when you least expect it. Eastlynn has been in love with her brother’s best friend for years. She’s also denied it and run away from him for years. Now a teacher, Eastlynn has almost everything she’s ever wanted. That is until McCoy shows back up in town and just happens to be her new boss.

McCoy was the all star in high school. He could have any girl he wanted but his heart was set on Eastlynn. How could he ever go after his best friend’s little sister? After moving away for years, McCoy finally gets his head out of the sand and calls his best friend. With a plan in place, McCoy plans to fight for what he should have had years ago. But what if he loses?
Love Won is the next masterpiece from Gillian. She manages to write you in to McCoy and Eastlynn’s story so completely, you’ll forget it’s not you McCoy is chasing. Eastlynn is witty, passionate, and caring, she lays her heart on the line for us to see. McCoy is the all star we’ve all dreamed of being underneath of. He gives his all not only in work but in his fight for Eastlynn’s heart. I adored this book. I couldn’t put it down if I tried. It’s a battle we’ve all seen, passion and life come together so whole heartedly in this story, you won’t want to miss love’s victory! 5 Stars
About the Author
Wife, mother, proud Canadian. Shoe addict, red wine connoisseur, lover of laughter and the friendships that cause it. I’m a sucker for those epic romances that steal my breath and leave me always wanting more.
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