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Paula’s Top of 2017


I reviewed close to 500 book in 2017 and these 20 books are the ones that I’ll never forget! From dark romance to suspenseful and even contemporary romance they each made me feel different emotions. What a amazing year of romance! ~ Paula




❤️Behind the Bars By Brittainy Cherry …. Breathtakingly beautiful, heartbreaking and this story has the key to my heart. Jasmine is a beautiful girl on the outside but inside she’s screaming. Elliot is that one boy or girl trying to be unnoticed and afraid daily. This book truly opens your mind and makes you think about everyone you pass around your daily life and see that looks don’t mean nothing. Who you are and who loves you for the person you truly are is the meaning of family. I felt each character like i was part of each of there lives. I cried through out this story and even had to take a breather because I felt the author’s words deep in my soul. Definitely my top read of 2017! You are beautiful 5/5 stars




❤️ Tied By Carian Cole .. This book ,wow blew me away. It’s a book that brings out your emotions with every turn of the page. Tyler has his demons, Holly has her demons. Two people trapped not knowing how to live sick of being treated fragile or a monster. Two people that fate has decided that need each other but will Tyler open up his heart ? Will Holly go running? A very emotional, heartbreaking, beautiful read that had me crying one minute and smiling the next. Everyone has a past and scars some might be on the outside some might be in the inside but what we do with those scars determines your life. 5/5 “Fairy Tales do come true you just have to believe”




❤️ Broken Shelves By Anne Malcom .. Gina and Sam’s story touched my heart in so many ways. I felt like Anne Malcom was writing my story. Gina is me I felt her pain. I have never cried so much reading a book ever. I had to take breaks because it brought up so much emotion in me I had to breathe. I think many woman go thru what Gina did. I loved how Anne showed us how strong Gina was and she didn’t even know it until Sam showed her. Sam I love him even being a rockstar and basically not living until Gina,  made me think of my husband how he has help me become the woman I am today. This is a book I will always remember forever. Thank you Anne for showing me that I deserve the love I found and that I am a strong woman! 5/5 stars if I could I’d give it 10




❤️Exp1re By Erin Noelle ..I’m totally speechless! Very Intense story! Lyra a beautiful girl who lost her mom and dad in a tragic accident. But see Lyra is different with just looking at anyone’s eyes she sees something no one else sees numbers. Lyra now all grown up closed off to people but loves to take photographs. For Lyra’s job she travels to Pamplona, Spain and once there about to get on a bus but one look Lyra is running and bumping into Tavian West a sexy man who helps and opens Lyra’s world. Wow this book had me glued on every word! I fell in love with both Lyra and Tavian and can’t wait to know what happens next! I did figure out the shock fracture but wow did the author surprise me at that ending wow! 5/5 stars




❤️ Move The Stars By Jessica Hawkins .. The Epic conclusion to The Something In The Way Series. This series I’m sad it’s over but every single book was amazing! This book is one emotional overload! Very angst and heartbreaking and on the edge with every turn of the page. Lake, we see her involve from the little girl to a very strong woman. Than Manning I had a hate love through out the book for him. Two people that need the stars to move so they could be together, but could they actually be together? I cried and yelled at the book and threw it at one point because I was so angry! But the author made the story real she gave you feels and gasps and made your heart open to all the characters. Definitely a series I won’t ever forget! 5/5 stars




❤️ Most Of All You By Mia Sheridan .. Mia Sheridan has done it again opened up my soul and gave me butterflies while reading this book. Two broken souls, one he wants to learn how to touch the other she needs to know even someone with broken pieces deserves love. This book  reminded me of Archers Voice but in a different way. I loved Gabriel his strength, his words the love that overflowed around him to see the light and move away from the darkness. Ellie is a character I wanted to hug and be her friend and show her that she deserves a whole heart. This was such a beautiful, breathtaking story that gave me courage to repair my broken pieces just like Ellie did. Definitely deserves 10 stars  5/5 stars My top read of 2017




❤️The Day She Cried By K Webster .. I can’t stop crying I’m writing this review with tears. Ever read a book that you know you will never ever forget? This is that book.  There are 3 main characters in this book Raven, Rome and Courtney and K Webster has totally made me feel every single one of them just by her words. The world we live in just by one word or one thing someone does can change your life like a snap. I read this book straight thru without stopping and I feel emotionally wrecked. If you choose to read one book this year read this one. I’m even letting my teenage kids read this book because I know it will open there eyes to see how painful this world truly is , but also will teach them even more. No one should ever be afraid to be themselves. I was a Raven and Courtney until I found my wolf who help me believe in myself. This book is heartbreaking, heartfelt and definitely speaks at your soul. If I could give this 10 stars I would. Definitely is my top emotional book I’ve ever read. 5/5 stars




❤️Unloved By Katy Regnery .. Katy Regnery blew me away! Ever read a story that touches your heart so much you can’t stop crying and want to go into the book and hug the characters? This is that book. Two characters Brynn going through pain for 2 years and then Cassidy his pain had been in his life since was little a daily reminder that he will always be unloved. These characters touched my soul and opened and crushed my heart to pieces. I felt there pain and there torment. Katy Regnery showed us what happens when two damaged souls meet each other and what love truly does mean. This a book I will truly never forget. If I could give this book 10 stars I would. 5/5 stars in my top read for 2017




❤️The Ghostwriter By Alessandra Torre ..Ghostwriter is a book to go into with a open mind. I was shocked and so deep into reading I couldn’t put it down. I felt like I was writing Helen’s story and feeling everything thru her eyes. This isn’t a romance story it’s full of heartache, lies and hidden life. This book really opened my eyes to how we see people from the outside but do we truly know someone? Or is everyone just full of lies and hiding the real them? The author gave me chills and I even had to stop reading at one point because I was so shocked and shaking. A very unique story that has you gripping your kindle till the end. 5/5 stars  definitely in my top 2017 Reads for its uniqueness




❤️Forget Me Not By Willow Winters .. I’m blown away. This is my favorite book of Willow Winters she’s ever written! It’s unbelievable the emotions Willow puts you threw its like your on a roller-coaster just waiting to fall. Robin , my heart broke for her and then I felt her strength and love. Then there is Jay I never wanted to hug and love a character so much like I did him. Two broken people that one needs his little bird and other needs her wolf.  If you love shocking and very intense romance stories this is one you definitely don’t wanna pass up.  In my top 2017 best books of the year 5/5 stars deserves a 10




❤️Complicated Hearts By Ashley Jade .. Ashley Jade has blown my mind. This book is exactly the title Complicated . It’s a shocking page turner and so much more. Ashley totally got me tongue twisted and hot that you need a cold shower after reading this story. Breslin, Landon, Asher three people with love/hate for each other and so many secrets that makes life so complicated that you wanna pull your hair out and just hope things will get less complicated till it gets even worse. Who will get hurt? Who will finally put everything out in the open? Wow I’m sitting here and my mind keeps going in circles thinking how angst and drama this book is Ashley really mind screwed us and dug herself into something I never would have ever thought could have happened. This is a totally different book than I thought it was gonna be and I give Ashley  a high five for doing something so unique and different than I’ve ever read before. I’m dying and screaming that I can’t wait for more. This book deserves 10 stars. I bow down to the Queen of angst Ashley Jade you totally have rocked my mind  and amazed me! 5/5 stars




❤️ Mercy By Debra Anastasia .. This book blew me away! Fenix life wasn’t all roses his father killed his mom right in front of him. The same day Fenix is at the grocery store with his dad and a young girl sees his dad hurting him and steps in. That’s the day Fenix started protecting Rebecca. Fifteen years later Fenix has changed maybe not on the inside but on the outside drastically. Would Rebecca love Fenix for him? Wow very emotional book that had me crying, yelling and smiling. It proves that outside of yourself doesn’t matter but inside counts and always be you never hide who you truly are. 5/5 stars deserves a 10!




❤️Vanquished By LeTeisha Newton.. My top dark book of 2017! Ever read a book that you can’t stop reading even though you know deep in your gut you shouldn’t love it so much? This is that book! Very very dark so much that you almost wish for a little light but you fall in the darkness with these characters they pull you in and won’t let you go. I’m not gonna post any spoilers it’s best to go in with a open mind and only read this if you truly love dark, sick,gritty, hard core stories! Ever since reading this I can’t get the characters out of my head. Ashlyn and Caesar open your mind to a world of pain and darkness that consumes you with every page. Will Caesar make you his pet like he did me? A must read for the dark book fans. If I could give this book 10 stars I would 5/5 stars




❤️The Wild By K Webster ..K Webster brings us into the wild where anything goes. This book is intense, taboo and so hot it will leave you wanting more. K Webster loves to shock us readers well she did that and more with this book. Definitely a page turner with so much excitement that my heart felt like it was gonna come out my chest. No spoilers here. Just read it and come into the Wild with a open mind and heart. Definitely in my top K Webster books! 5/5 Wild stars




❤️The Darkest Sunrise By Aly Martinez.. Ever read a book and you get goosebumps and the hairs on your body spring up this is that book. Being a mom I lived and breathed through Charlotte I felt her pain her darkness and her quest to get the light back out of her darkness. Then there is Porter who blames himself and is walking in darkness and just wants to see the light again and fights with himself daily. Charlotte and Porter meet and they help each other but will one thing destroy it all? I’m blown away by this book I never cried so much and felt the characters like my heart was ripped out my chest. Aly Martinez sends you into there world by every word in this book. A must read for warning have some tissues and a drink! 5/5 stars




❤️Whispered Prayers Of A Girl By Alex Grayson ..A beautiful, touching, heart aching story that touches your soul. Gwen and Alexander have lost someone they love each going thru so much and effecting them daily. Gwen meets Alexander one day being stuck in the snow and he offers Gwen and her kids place to stay till the roads clear. Two people with so much heartache but has fate brought them together to heal there hearts? I loved this book it touched me and had me bawling my eyes out at some parts and smiling at other parts of the story. When you lose someone you love it always helps when someone is going through the pain just like yourself. 5/5 stars




❤️The Gravity Of Us By Brittainy Cherry .. This is the final book of The Element Series and Brittainy Cherry like the rest of her books opens your heart and makes you feel her words deep in your soul forever. Lucy has two sisters Lyric and Mari. There mom passed away while they were young so they have always looked out for each other till Lyric left. Lyric wanted structure. Lucy is a “everything” girl she’s free spirit she shows her emotions and never keeps them inside herself. “Air above me, earth below me, fire within me, water surround me” Lucy meets Graham a writer the total opposite of Lucy. Graham is cold he keeps his feelings inside “The more feelings you give, the more they’ll take from you.” When there worlds collide it’s just like Lucy’s tattoo on her wrist “Maktub”. It means all is written, that everything happens for a reason.”  But because of the consequences do Lucy and Graham have to give up on love? “Being around you does something strange to me, something that hasn’t happened in such a long time.” “My heart begins to beat again”  “We weren’t suppose to feel this way. We weren’t suppose to fall for one another, she and I. Yet it seemed gravity had a way of pulling us together.” A beautiful story that shows us on this earth that when we find that special someone to never let them go they make the world less dark. “It’s you, I whispered, our lips still touching. “My greatest hope is, and always will be, you”  This book deserves 10 stars my top book of this year! 5/5 stars “If You need to fall, fall into me.”




❤️Silenced By Leddy Harper .. Killian when he was 8 years old he experienced something horrific and with the scars he is reminded of it daily. 3 years later  a girl named Ryle sees Killian a beautiful boy who writes to her and has so much pain in his eyes she wants to know more about him. This story will touch your heart in so many ways. It’s heartbreaking, angst, breathtaking and beautiful and it’s one I’ll always remember. You feel Killian and his anger, pain and love thru your heart reading this book. Ryle you feel her strength and love and devotion towards Killian.  “I promise to love you through all the tomorrows. I promise to love you until the moon stops lighting the night, until the stars stop leading the way long after my last breath.” This books deserves 10 stars! 5/5 silenced stars




❤️Elusive By L.A. Fiore ..Willows dreams are to find treasures  but one day she bumps into this handsome stranger named Kace and from that day on Willow can’t get him out of her mind. Kace has had a hard life, turning into a pirate was in his blood the minute he got taught how to ship. But memories of the girl Willow follow him , until 8 years go by and they meet up again. Willow and her grandfather plus Kace and his crew all go on a treasure hunt to find Isabella the necklace that has been on Willows mind for years to find. But will Kace give up being a pirate for Willow? Can Willow move on and except that Kace will gone forever? A very unique story that had me on the edge till the end! A thrilling journey with a treasure hunter and a pirate with a intense love that makes the waves fall around you. A must read for 2017!




❤️ Crown Of Lies by Pepper Winters .. Elle’s father had been preparing her for Belle Elle the family’s company her whole life. But now Elle wants to see what life would hold outside of the family business so Elle decides to go out for a walk, horrific things happens,she is saved by a guy “with no name”. Years go by and Elle hasn’t forgotten about the nameless. Elle’s father wants her to find a love and is hoping it’s his business partners son Greg who Elle has no feelings for whatsoever.  Elle meets Penn who tells her to lie to everyone but he will be straight forward to her. But who is telling the truth and who is lying? What does Penn really want? What does Greg want? Wow I threw my kindle at the end of this book! I’m shocked, heartbroken and so frustrated I wanna scream! This book blew me away and I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out what happens next. 5/5 stars I can’t wait to read the conclusion to Elle’s story!

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