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Forbidden Love by Mack Black

Book: Forbidden Love
Author: Mack Black
Genre: New Adult Romance
Book Two: Fragile Love coming August/September 2018 

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It all started with a bet and a little too much weed.
Vanessa never imagined she’d fall into a relationship with the one person she couldn’t, but an apple tastes a lot better when taken from the forbidden tree. Even though loving him might be illegal in some states, even though it strips her morals bare, she can’t stop herself from falling down the rabbit hole, so to speak.
No matter how hard she tries, Vanessa can’t walk away from Jace. Their bodies are like magnets, drawn together at every opportunity. Worse, it’s like they’re tied together with some invisible rope that just won’t break. If his mother, or her father, find out, there will be hell to pay.
But love conquers all, right? 
Vanessa would like to think so…

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Review by Candy:
Taboo –
adjective 1. prohibited or restricted by social custom.
“sex was a taboo subject” synonyms: forbidden, prohibited, banned, proscribed, interdicted, outlawed, illegal, illicit, unlawful, restricted, off limits
Taboo is subject to the person reading it and what it means to them.
This was a young adult story to me with taboo mixed in but in two ways.
A young girl falls for her STEP-brother and vice versa. A mom who only wants her son to herself and the extent she goes to.
Vanessa meets Jace her new STEP-brother and is definitely thinking nasty thoughts about him. They become friends but will that be all?
Jace and his mom move in with her new husbands family and he sees Vanessa and is just struck. Jace plays games (thanks to his mom) but will he play the same game as always with Vanessa or change the rules?
Mack spectacular job on bringing this one to life. The two main characters are lovable even with Jace’s past because all he wanted was love. You had it flowing as Vanessa told the story and it had me hooked to continue reading. This story was so full of clowning around, seriousness, angst and love. Your main characters have depth and a understanding that forms for the reader. A must read and one of my top of 2018 reads.
Meet the Author:

Mack Black lives in FL with the love of her life, three daughters, a son, and two dogs named Thor and Hennessy. Mack grew up with an imagination that made life magic, and her nose was always stuck in a book. The stories, which were so real to her, became an inspiration to do her own storytelling. Mack writes in the New Adult genre, but any love story that makes you warm and tingly all over just does it for her. 

When she isn’t writing, you can find her spending time with her children, or playing board games with friends. She’s a nerd really, but she hides it well. 

Twitter: @authormackblack


Just when I’d made my mind up to go to his room, my door creaked open. Stepping in, he shut the door behind him, clicking the lock in place.

All of a sudden it became difficult to breathe. 

I couldn’t tear my eyes from him as he sauntered to my bed, my heart thumping harder and harder with every step he took. When he stopped at the edge, he wrapped his fingers around the post, tapping a rhythm against the wood, a song without a melody, but it still did something to me…something I didn’t want to admit out loud. 

“Why must you incessantly fuck with my head Lessa?” 

I gulped and scooted back into my headboard. “I—I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

He swung around the pole, his body covering it. His tongue snaked out; licking his lip in such a sexy maneuver goosebumps slithered down my arms. His gaze scorched me, the heat from it pooling right between my legs. I shifted, squeezing my thighs together. 

He noticed, his lips turning up into a smirk. “The game could’ve gone on. But, instead, you hid in your room for a whole hour. And for what? To teach me a lesson?” He paused, tapping his index finger against his chin. “Or maybe you wanted to make me realize what I’ve done. Guess what, though? I know exactly what I’ve done. I know we are in uncharted territory.” He paused, a humorous gleam shining from his eyes. “You can throw all the lessons you want at me, Lessa. It won’t make a bit of difference. I won’t give in, not until I get what I want. And that is to be deep inside you.” 



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