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Mister Boss Man by Ryleigh York

Book: Mister Boss Man

Author: Ryleigh York

Genre: Erotic Romance



My dick has a certain appetite. 

Curvy, sassy, and gone the next morning.

When my new paralegal walks in, I take one look at her, and immediately know I’m f*cked.  Because the curvy little sexpot standing in my office was once the hottest one night stand of my life.

What I wouldn’t give for a repeat. I’m ready to break all my rules, and show her exactly what I fantasize about during our meetings.

When things heat up between us, I think I’ve finally met my match, but what I never counted on was the woman I’ve fallen for being the one poised for the ultimate betrayal.


Review by Candy:
For a short read it was packed full. A must read to pass the time while waiting for an appointment.
Ryleigh, for a short read you filled with as much detail needed to get the full picture. Your characters are both strong with weakness making them perfect for each other if they ever figure it out that they belong together.
Macey is a paralegal with blackmail hanging over her and and for one night she let’s loose and gives into temptation. But she has a connection with Lucas (so much for no names) and is willing to give him up to fight for her family instead.
Lucas can’t get Macey off his mind and it seems fate keeps bumping them into each other. The second chance meeting Lucas lays it on the line with Macey but she refuses him. The next day he can’t believe his luck when she stands in his office as his new paralegal.
Macey can’t believe her new boss is Lucas, can she pull of the job she was sent to do or let her family down? Will Lucas leave Macey alone and have a working relationship or give in to his wants for the woman?
These two are a chemistry we can only dream of in real life and Ryleigh brought their story to life and for us to read. 4 Stars

Meet The Author

Ryleigh York is a romance author and a hopeless romantic. She’s also a normal suburban housewife with two little kids, and loves to escape into romance novels in her spare time.


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