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Celeste Jones

A large black truck hummed into the lot and parked in front of me. Luke practically jumped out before it came to a complete stop. “Is everything okay? Is there something wrong with your hotel room? Do you need me to speak to the manager? Why are you outside?”

Aidan exited the driver’s side and greeted me a little more cordially, then turned to his brother. “Maybe she was just excited to see us.”

If I hadn’t been excited to see them before, I certainly was now. Good heavens, but they were sexy. Crisp shirts, tight jeans and well-worn boots. I felt my nipples harden under my blouse and forced myself not to look down to see if they were announcing my arousal to the world.

“You look beautiful, Cassie,” Luke said, taking my hand and leading me to the passenger side of the truck. He assisted me up into the seat, his hand brushing along my hip as he made sure I got into the truck safely. Once I settled in the middle of the seat, Aidan reached across and buckled me in. Seemed to be a family trait with these two, but I can’t say I minded.

Luke took his place to my right and seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time getting his own seat belt fastened. I’m not sure if he was fumbling or just enjoyed the fact that the latch for his seat belt was next to my rear end, and his fingers seemed to spend a fair amount of time touching my ass.

We hadn’t even gotten out of the parking lot and I was aching with sexual need. I took a deep breath and quickly started talking about anything but my womanly desires.

“Before we go to dinner, would it be possible to go someplace where I can get Wi-Fi service? I can’t seem to get a signal and my friend, Ellie, is going to be worried if she doesn’t hear from me. I’d just like to be able to send her a quick email,” I said, staring straight ahead focusing on the town of Eagle Canyon. With one sexy brother on either side of me, I wasn’t sure where to look and forward seemed safest. The effect they had on me was dangerous. I was in way over my head.

“Absolutely,” Luke said, resting his hand on my knee.

“We want you to be able to tell your friend that you are absolutely safe,” Aidan said, dropping his hand to cover my other knee.

My interest in the sights outside the windshield halted and I stared at their two hands, one dark, the other fair, covering my knees. If I’d worn jeans instead of a skirt, at least there’d be a barrier between their hot palms and my weak flesh, though I’d imagine that the heat these two radiated would have melted Kevlar.

“I-is this a d-date?” my voice squeaked.

Both hands squeezed my knees, sending a pulse of need up my thighs. “Oh, this is so much more than a date,” Luke whispered in my ear.

“With b-both of you?”

We stopped for a traffic light and Aidan slipped his hand under my skirt and his fingertip flirted with the edge of my panties. “That’s how it works here in Eagle Canyon.”

“Works in Eagle Canyon?” I was so distracted by what their hands were doing to me, I must not have heard him correctly.

The light turned green and Aidan removed his hand. A small whimper escaped my mouth at the absence of his touch.

Luke’s hand slipped under my skirt in place of his brother’s. “You see, Cassie,” Luke’s voice was a husky whisper, “when two men care for a woman, her needs are always met. While Aidan makes sure we get to our destination safely, I can make sure you are properly attended to.”

“In our community,” Aidan added, not taking his eyes from the road, “women are cherished. Properly protecting and caring for a woman is a job so important that not just one man can do it.”

Luke’s fingers worked their way between my thighs and pushed the crotch of my panties to the side. “Not just two men to protect and care for you, but two men to provide for your needs, all of your needs.” As if what he was trying to say might not have been clear, his thumb rubbed across my clit while his index finger slipped into my embarrassingly moist pussy.

“Oh, Aidan, she is so wet.”

We stopped at the only other traffic light in town. Aidan put the truck in park and reached over to push my skirt up and we watched Luke finger fuck me. His long dark fingers moved in and out of my pussy. “Does that feel good, little girl?” Aidan asked.

My eyes met his and I could see they had gone from sky blue to a deep gray with desire. We all knew the answer to his question, but I said it anyway. The longing inside me grew more intense. “Yes. It feels… wonderful.”

“Good girl,” he said and went back to the task of delivering us to our destination. I was glad he was driving and not me. I would have ended up in the ditch again.

Luke continued to torment my pussy with his fingers and pressed my clit with his thumb.I gripped the edge of the seat with my hands, tremors cascading through my limbs. The scent of my arousal wafting through the cab of the truck.

While I was in the throes of a building orgasm, the two of them talked about me as though I wasn’t even there.

“I told you she was perfect for us,” Luke said.

“I know. And so responsive,” Aidan added. “I can’t wait to get her between us.”

Between us? Oh god.


Sometimes it takes two men to replace the love of your life.

Done mourning her lost love, Cassie sets off on a journey to find her future. Little did she suspect that the path to her future would start when she ran her car into a ditch.

Twin brothers Luke and Aidan are Eagle Canyon bred through and through, and that means they are looking for one woman to share their lives … and their bed.

Cassie allows herself one night with the two handsome cowboys.

But, after one night, will she be able to leave?

Not if Luke and Aidan have anything to say about it.

USA Today bestselling author Celeste Jones is known for writing highly entertaining erotic romance featuring headstrong heroines and stern yet loving heroes who aren’t afraid to take a naughty woman over their knees. When she’s not writing, she enjoys travel, reading and dancing like no one is watching.
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