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Hearts Of Darkness by Catherine Wiltcher


Hearts Of Darkness
by Catherine Wiltcher


“First, he held a gun to my head. Then he blew my world apart …”
Dante Santiago is a criminal with no conscience. He’s a whisper of a name, a faceless stranger… A man content to dwell in the shadows of his underworld.
Dante’s enemies found a weakness in him once. He’ll never let it happen again. That’s until the night Eve Miller walks past him on a dirty, desolate street. Now she’s his captive, kept at the whim of a man with no kindness or morality.
Eve’s an innocent, his angel, but she too is harboring a dark secret. For years she’s been fighting a private war with the illegal drugs trade, with the cartel responsible for murdering her brother. She’s closer to revenge than she’s ever been until Dante’s duplicity blows her world apart.
Theirs is a relationship borne of hate but neither can deny the fire that rages between them. But Dante’s a haunted man. He knows only pain and suffering until Eve sees a spark of light buried deep within the shadows of his heart.
Soon Eve must make a choice. Save Dante Santiago’s soul or lose herself to his darkness forever…
Praise for Hearts Of Darkness:

★★★★★ “I was blown away by this book”
★★★★★ “Every single minute was pure perfection”
★★★★★ “The chemistry was too hot to bear”
★★★★★ “Superb”
 – Goodreads reviewers
Review by Paula:
Ever read a book that you couldn’t stop reading no matter how you tried? Yes this is that book! Right from the beginning your heart is beating so fast and your consumed to this story. Eve is at a store about to buy wine for her birthday and has a gun to her head! This book is so intense and dark and makes you gasp out loud. I was pacing I was so deep into this book I was living in Eves world. Eve is one spicy kick ass woman that you want to be her friend. Dante is the devil he’s pure evil but he’s got that aura around him that you can’t deny him anything. Two people total opposites that have this deep connection that even makes your self get goosebumps reading this story. This book is full of surprises and darkness and some times even so hot you feel like your kindle is gonna melt. I can’t wait to read the next book of this story! .. “I’m here with you, my angel… Always  5/5 Stars

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Meet the Author

Catherine is a #1 bestselling erotic romance author. Sixteen years of working in TV and movie production, two children and one cancer diagnosis later, she decided to switch it all up and follow her dreams. Now she writes stories about feisty women and hot, conflicted men, and something that removes her as far away from oncology rooms as possible. Catherine lives in a village near Bath, UK, with her husband and two young daughters. For book and blog updates please visit and sign up for her newsletter.
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