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Beau by Somer Hayes



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Beau Maverick has a great life-a close family, a thriving veterinary practice, and the privilege of being a Maverick in Great Falls, Montana. Despite all that, he fights a feeling of hollowness. After the death of his beloved mother, he throws himself into her role of charitable and philanthropic duties in the community. He was least interested in being on the chair of the local symphony, but when the feisty new director comes to town, he finds the challenge brings with it a spark of life.

Grace Sutherland is devastated at the news that the Manchester Philharmonic in her hometown in New Hampshire has voted to relocate her to assist one of their lesser known symphonies in a small town in Montana. Her unconventional methods, while effective, were at odds with their traditions. However, she accepts the challenge and is determined to regain her standing and get out of Montana as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for her, the chair of her new board might make that difficult.



Review by Victoria:
Once again, the Maverick men do not disappoint! Bust out the fans, you’ll need a cool breeze to get through this scorcher!
Grace has loved the symphony her entire life. She dreams of spending the rest of her life involved with it in one way or another. Yes, her approach is more like a bulldozer but she knows it’ll work. And she’s got 6 months to prove it. But what happens when her biggest hurdle to overcome is the same one she wants to be underneath?
Beau, vet to not only his family’s herd of animals but also his practice, has no interest in symphony. If he hadn’t taken over his mother’s philanthropic endeavors, he would never think the word symphony let alone be involved in running one. But then things become interesting with this new director. Beau isn’t looking for anything serious but what if it happens before he even realizes it?
These Maverick men will be the death of my heart. A stare down by Beau could make a grown man cry, but it’ll also melt the panties off anyone in a 1 mile radius. From hard working hands helping in the fields to tender loving hands for kittens and puppies, you’ll melt in his arms in a heartbreak. Grace is determination, drive and rigidity. She holds her head high in a man’s world and will not be moved from her path. She is everyone of us in our most commanding, take charge way. Love has a funny way of finding it’s way to the Maverick men in the most interesting ways! This isn’t a journey you want to miss! 4/5 Stars




Somer Hayes is an avid reader and writer of stories, hailing from the Midwest.



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