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HWY 550 by Freya Barker

Title: HWY 550
Author: Freya Barker
Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: February 17th, 2019
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Special Agent Luna Roosberg lives and breathes her job. Who needs a personal life when work is so rewarding?
When a new case sends her to investigate a local motorcycle club, covering as the president’s new flavor of the week, the lines between professional and personal quickly start to blur.
Although the Arrow’s Edge MC stays mostly on the right side of the law since Ouray took the gavel, the appearance of the feds at their gate can still rattle his cage.
When a string of robberies points squarely in Ouray’s direction, he’s forced to cooperate and put the blonde, prim and proper half-pint on the back of his bike.
With pressure mounting both in—and outside—the club, Ouray no longer knows who he can trust, except the woman who is shaking up his life—and stirring his blood.

Review by Victoria:

Finally, Luna! She’s been such an amazing side character I couldn’t wait to learn more and she did not disappoint!

Luna is an incredibly tough FBI agent in Durango.  She’s guarded with a past you can’t quite put your finger on but you’re not sure you want to either. Luna’s icy exterior rivals the ice queen but one man always seems to get her blood pumping. When a case takes her under cover, how will she walk away?
Ouray is the rough and tough biker fine straight. He runs a tight ship with his men and trusts those around him. Never one to settle, an FBI case has him putting a woman on the back of his bike for the first time. Can he survive when she doesn’t have to be there for work?
Freya brings us back to Durango in this amazing  instalment. I’ve been waiting so long to find out more about Luna. She’s been such an amazing character to see develop over the course of so many books before getting her own ending. Durango is my new go to place for love connections in the most unlikely situations. Luna has already survived so much and held everything together. Reading this connection grow in such a natural, steamy way. Freya has a way with words to make you feel like you’re right there, feeling those emotions, both good and bad. This book will keep you on your toes and in need of a cold shower! 5 Stars

Freya Barker inspires with her stories about ‘real’ people, perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy.

She is the author of the Cedar Tree and Portland, ME Series, the Northern Lights Collection and the Rock Point Series. She is also co-author of the SnapShot Series.

To see Freya’s complete backlist, or to find out what is coming down the pipe, visit





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