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First Love by Gillian Jones

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First Love
by Gillian Jones
US | UK | CA
Series: Winning at Love; Book 2
Genre: RomCom / Contemporary Romance
Kami Sutherland is gorgeous and – if the rumours are true – a virgin.
That – and the fact she’s my sister Eastlyn’s best friend – should be enough to keep a guy like me from crossing any lines.
However, our glances, subtle touches, and feelings are evolving beyond just friendship and being running buddies.
Despite my sister’s attempts to keep us apart, I only want Kami more. 
I know I shouldn’t crave her like I do, but she’s too damn hard to resist.
Kami has an infectious smile, one I look for whenever she’s near, one I want all to myself. 
And as the years pass, it’s all clicking into place: Kami wants me, too.
So, all bets are off.
There’s no way I can resist making her mine.
Review by Victoria:
Your first love is one that you never forget. Sometimes that love can transform your entire life.

Kami is the sweetest girl best door. She’s achieved most everything she set her mind on and gets to work every day with her best friend. What more could she want in life? Oh yea, her best friend’s brother. After years of flirting, and dancing around each other, Kami had all but given up on the idea of her first love being her only love.
Keaton has spent his life doing exactly what he wants generally when he wants. He dates….. a lot. And that’s okay because that’s how he’s always been. Even as a teen, knowing the girl he really wanted was always within reach since it was his sister’s best friend, Keaton kept his distance. As they got older, Kami stayed around and Keaton couldn’t help but get close, just not as close as he would like. Can he be the man Kami deserves?
I waited so long for this story, I instantly adored Kami and Keaton. Their story is set over the same timeline as Love Won which gave such a cool look into their relationship before getting the full story (although you definitely don’t have to have read Love Won first). Kami and Keaton’s developed so naturally over their lives, with so many bumps in the road, you’ll be in the edge of your seat. You’ll be cursing Keaton and pushing Kami to go for it. You won’t soon forget this First Love! 5 Stars
Review by Paula: 
Kami and Keaton best friends but also in love with each other but neither know. This story  made me swoon and wanna smack both them at other times. Great romance book that made me smile while reading it! I loved Keaton’s mom she was hilarious! Plus the bickering made me laugh out loud! Definitely a sweet romance book that will say FINALLY out loud! 5 stars
Review by Christine:
Read Book 1: Love Won for 99 cents
US | UK | CA
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Wife, mother, shoe collector, pun lover, and proud Canadian. Teach by day, pantser of words by night.
Connoisseur of red wine, and a lover of a good IPA.
 A firm believer in that forever kind of love.
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