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Skater Boy by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Release Date: April 25, 2019

Cover Design: Hang Le


Rebels. Misfits. Bad boys who rule the streets. Everyone’s welcome at the worst kept secret in town, just as long as you don’t mind getting your reputation—and your heart—a little dirty.   Welcome to Patchwork House…   Patchwork House is a boy’s club—a mean boy’s club. They made an exception for Tweetie once, and they’re going to make another, because she’s coming home. After two years away and one too many broken hearts, Tweetie swore off skaters—but she never expected Flip.   Flip was the most famous skater in the world until he traded his place at Patchwork with the little girl whose life he ruined. Now Tweetie’s all grown up, and one chance encounter brings them together. He knows the right thing to do is disappear before things get ugly, but he never was very good at being good.   She’s back, and so is he—all bets are off. Nothing will stop this bad boy from finally getting his lost girl. They’re written in the stars, and it’s time she knows it.   The first lesson Flip taught Tweetie was how to fall.
It was also the last thing she remembered when they met again, because she didn’t just fall for him.
She slammed.  


Review by Candy:

I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I first started reading. As I got further in I couldn’t put it down cause I needed to know. Flip and Tweetie came together in a moment, then tragedy happened and then… The way the story flows keeps yo interested even if you’re not into skateboarding. The characters are absolutely worth reading because they are each their own person that being something to the other. This isn’t my first read by Mary and won’t be my last. She has a still all her own that pulls you in and keeps yo there even if it’s not your kind of genre. This is book 1 in a series with no cliff hanger but another set of characters to read next and I can’t wait. 4 Stars


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I’m in love with alphas who stop at nothing for their women, so I write them!

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