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Hurricane Hearts by Nina Levine

Hurricane Hearts by Nina Levine NOW LIVE.png★ NEW RELEASE & GIVEAWAY ★



A standalone Storm MC Reloaded romance

She walked away from me five years ago.
She ran and took my heart with her.
Now I want it back, and hers too.
She can tell me no.
She can try to hide.
She can take her time.
But I’m a man on my knees.
Birdie Beaumont will be mine again.

My first lie had been to save us.
My second lie had been to save him.
My third lie broke me.
I still love him just as much as I did when I left him.
But I can’t have him.
Not after what I did.
Not after keeping it from him all this time.
Winter Morrison will never forgive me for what I did.


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Review by Victoria:
Nina does it again! She has such a way with words, you’ll be begging the story never ends and dreaming of the ending all at the same time.
Birdie walked away from the love of her life to save both of them. Shes done a good job at staying away too. She left her hometown behind and forged ahead. But when she comes home and sees the one face her soul needs, Birdie may not be able to walk away another time.
Winter made the worst choice years ago, one that he thinks lead the love of his life to walk away. When they happen to share a cab home from the airport, Winter is determined not to let Birdie slip away again. But can they survive the choices made years ago?
This story will wrap your heart up before you know it. Nina has a way of pulling you into her world within a few pages. Winter and Birdie have been through so much together and apart, you’ll be begging for them to hold each other up and come together for their own happiness. This book touches on fertility issues as well, in such a real way. Birdie is in a position so many women find themselves, and Nina deals with her feelings on it honestly and openly with the readers. Your heart will wrench for her, as well as fill with skin much love by the end. It’s a read you definitely dont want to miss!! 5/5
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