Light by Angel Payne


Light (Bolt Vol 6)  by USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne Release 30th April Genre: Contemporary Romance #Light #BoltSaga #AngelPayne #WaterhousePress


SynopsisAs Reece and Emma Richards await the biggest miracle of their lives, their anticipation is mixed with apprehension. The Consortium has fallen eerily silent, increasing the couple’s dread about the superpowered chaos being brewed by the cunning Faline and her growing army of brainwashed worshippers.
But the gift of a new life also brings a rush of new hope for the super duo, reconnecting Reece and Emma in ways they never imagined. Soon, the power of love spreads through the rest of Team Bolt. Celebrations are in order, and Faline’s wickedness is eclipsed―until Bolt and Flare are called to help with a bizarre search and rescue beneath LA’s bustling streets. During the mission, the pair make a discovery that changes everything. As Reece and Emma discover their nemesis’s plans for global domination, they must face off with Faline in one last battle that will test their unity, push their limits, and force them to trust in their greatest power of all: the light of everlasting love.

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Review by Candy:
Reece and Emma are the best Superheroes to ever be read. Angel fantastic series!
Well that was a fantastic ending for Reece and Emma. And welcome Lux an amazing little boy with amazing powers. This by far was my favorite installment to the series. There is so much keeping you interested and so much action. You won’t go wrong reading this amazing series, an experiment that changes your aspect of life and finding the woman who completes you as you are. This was absolutely a true love story with all the action you can imagine. A must read!! 5 Stars

It’s a great time to start the series if you haven’t already!

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Bolt (Volume 1): https://amzn.to/2S15VV0

Other Books in the Series 

USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne has written for four publishing houses, and is also independently published. She loves to focus on high heat romance starring memorable alpha men and the women who love them.

She has numerous book series to her credit, including the Suited for Sin series, the Cimarron Saga, the Temptation Court series, the Secrets of Stone series (with Victoria Blue), the Lords of Sin historicals, and the rebranded Honor Bound series, as well as several stand-alone titles.
Currently, she is serving as the Vice President of Romance Writers of America’s Passionate Ink Chapter.
She lives in Southern California with her soul-mate husband and beautiful daughter.


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HWY 550 by Freya Barker

Title: HWY 550
Author: Freya Barker
Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: February 17th, 2019
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Special Agent Luna Roosberg lives and breathes her job. Who needs a personal life when work is so rewarding?
When a new case sends her to investigate a local motorcycle club, covering as the president’s new flavor of the week, the lines between professional and personal quickly start to blur.
Although the Arrow’s Edge MC stays mostly on the right side of the law since Ouray took the gavel, the appearance of the feds at their gate can still rattle his cage.
When a string of robberies points squarely in Ouray’s direction, he’s forced to cooperate and put the blonde, prim and proper half-pint on the back of his bike.
With pressure mounting both in—and outside—the club, Ouray no longer knows who he can trust, except the woman who is shaking up his life—and stirring his blood.

Review by Victoria:

Finally, Luna! She’s been such an amazing side character I couldn’t wait to learn more and she did not disappoint!

Luna is an incredibly tough FBI agent in Durango.  She’s guarded with a past you can’t quite put your finger on but you’re not sure you want to either. Luna’s icy exterior rivals the ice queen but one man always seems to get her blood pumping. When a case takes her under cover, how will she walk away?
Ouray is the rough and tough biker fine straight. He runs a tight ship with his men and trusts those around him. Never one to settle, an FBI case has him putting a woman on the back of his bike for the first time. Can he survive when she doesn’t have to be there for work?
Freya brings us back to Durango in this amazing  instalment. I’ve been waiting so long to find out more about Luna. She’s been such an amazing character to see develop over the course of so many books before getting her own ending. Durango is my new go to place for love connections in the most unlikely situations. Luna has already survived so much and held everything together. Reading this connection grow in such a natural, steamy way. Freya has a way with words to make you feel like you’re right there, feeling those emotions, both good and bad. This book will keep you on your toes and in need of a cold shower! 5 Stars

Freya Barker inspires with her stories about ‘real’ people, perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy.

She is the author of the Cedar Tree and Portland, ME Series, the Northern Lights Collection and the Rock Point Series. She is also co-author of the SnapShot Series.

To see Freya’s complete backlist, or to find out what is coming down the pipe, visit freyabarker.com.





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The Girl In The Closet by Michelle Heard


The Girl In The Closet, an all-new suspenseful and romantic standalone from Michelle Heard, is available now!

The Girl In The Closet Michelle Heard Ecover FOR WEB


Escaping an unthinkable nightmare, I’m given a second chance at life. Cole Trenton is the first person to look past the broken girl. But the moment I give him my heart he leaves.

Secrets never stay buried, and mine returns with a vengeance.

Cole walks back into my life when I need him most. He shows me how to be strong, that monsters only have the power you give them.

But my biggest fear remains.

How do I silence the girl in the closet before I lose Cole again?


I always knew Birdie Liles was different, but that didn’t stop me from falling for her.

After years of being away, I return home to bury my best friend,

only to learn that Birdie’s in trouble.

If I had known about the monster from her past, I never would’ve left.

I went to fight someone else’s war while I left the woman I love unprotected.

But I’m here now, and I’m ready to send Birdie’s demon right back to hell.


Download your copy today for only 99¢ or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TQwJZF

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/TheGirlintheCloset

Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2P0DGJ0


Review by Paula:

Heartbreaking, intense and beautiful and loving those four words describe this book. Birdie is afraid of the monster daily but having Cole come back maybe she can see the light again and not the dark. Cole is going through so much but the one person he needs to make him see the light is hurting as well. Two people that need each other so the closet stays close forever. Amazing story. Only thing I do wish is that we had more glimpse to Birdies past.  4 stars





I adjust my grip on the gutter so I won’t go crashing to the ground from the top of the ladder. The last thing I need tonight is to break my neck. One more twist and the light bulb is in, lighting up the parking area. I take a deep breath as my nerves settle, and I soak up the bright light stinging my eyes. Reaching up, I twist the dome-shaped cover back into place.

I feel like a badass handyman after replacing the light bulb out front. Over the past years I’ve been working hard to beat my fear of the dark and water, and although I’ve had some success, it all came back since my father was released from prison two years ago. After I received the first letter,I’ve been living in a constant state of cold terror, watching for him in every shadow, hearing his whispers in the dead of night.

Life has become an endless tunnel with nothing to look forward to. Just one long dark night.

I take the flashlight out of my mouth and looking down, I sigh heavily. Why is it always easier getting up than down?

“Dang,” I mumble, and as if I’m not under enough pressure being stuck on the ladder, headlights beam across the parking area, falling right on me.

“Oh,crap.” It doesn’t get any worse than this.

Oh wait, it does. Not only do customers arrive when I’m up on the ladder, but it has to be while I’m dressed in my rattiest pair of shorts and an old long sleeve shirt with I’ve bypassed insane and gone straight to psychowrittenin bright green letters across my chest. I got it at a fair a couple of years back, and it’s become one of my favorite shirts to sleep in.

I want to kick my own butt as the car parks right behind me. Needing to get down and fast, I wiggle as I try to feel my way down to the first step on the ladder while clinging to the gutter like some crazy-ass monkey.

“This is so not workin’, Birdie,” I mumble under my breath, thinking I should just jump.

I glance down at the ground thinking the worst that can happen is me face-planting and knocking every one of my teeth out in front of the customer. Damn this is such a bad position to be stuck in.

“Do you need help gettin’ down?” a deep voice says from below. Startled, I drop the flashlight. I grab hold of the gutter with both hands, soI don’t go tumbling after it.

Oh, dear mother of all that’s good. It had to be a man. Why couldn’t it be a woman?

“I’m okay.” I squeak like a damn chipmunk.

I attempt another stupid wiggle in the hopes of actually finding the top step. I hear a chuckle from below, and my butt freezes in mid-air.

Is this dude for real? He did not just laugh at me.

Irritated, I glare down. “Seriously?”

Considering I’m stuck on a ladder in skimpy shorts, I don’t think glaring is helping much right now. Crap,I haven’t shaved in a few days. I must look like a baby wooly-mammoth by now.

It’s by far the worst check-in experience I’ve had since I started working here during my senior year. It’s even worse than the time Mrs. Hardy booked in with what I thought was her son. I went and shoved my foot in my mouth by saying, ‘I hope you and your son enjoy your stay at Pebbles of Destiny,’ only to be glared at as if I was gum stuck under a shoe.

Turned out he wasn’t her son.

Turned out he wasn’t Mr. Hardy either.

I didn’t sleep that night, because it turned out she’s a screamer, and she only knows one sentence, starting with a four letter word followed by, ‘… me harder’.

But tonight, yeah, tonight beats that one hands down.

When I see the man my glare fizzles away faster than I can summon it to my face, like if you get a firecracker that you light and you expect this big bang, but instead all you get is a lousy ‘pffft’ sound.

He walks closer, taking hold of the ladder, and it’s right about thenI take in the fact that he’s tall. Damn, he’s taller than the ladder. Seeing his uniform, my heart stutters, andshock ripples through me.

Shit, this can’t be happening to me while I’m up here.

Cole Trenton is back?

My eyes jump to Aiden, then back to Cole. My world stops spinning right then and there as I look back to Cole’s drop-dead gorgeous face. From where I’m standing he looks like a dark-haired, perfect specimen of all things defined as male.

I need to get down right now.

“Aiden.” I have no idea why I say his name first. Maybe it’s because Aiden knows about the worst in my life, andright now he’s standing right next to the man who’s responsible for the best experiences I’ve ever had. I don’t want to see them together. I don’t want the bad to taint the good.

Cole reaches a hand out to me. “As much fun as it is watchin’ you up there, I think we should get you down.”

I stare at his hand for a moment, not sure what to do.

“Put your hand in mine, Birdie,” he says, sounding much calmer than I feel with my heart beating frantically.

I reach down, placing my hand in his. I almost tumble forward as tingles race over my skin, electrifying every single inch of me. His strong fingers wrap around mine, swallowing my hand whole.

“Now your other hand,” he says.

I start to crouch slowly down so I can reach his other handwhen my whole body is jerked forward. Just as I realize Cole has yanked me off the ladder, he lets go of my hand, andI nose dive toward him.

My eyes grow huge as an embarrassingly loud shriek escapes me. To make things worse, I fall ungracefully like one of those big ole’ trees when they yell timber.

Cole’s hands grab hold of my waist, andan intense sense of relief spreads through my chest.Somewhere between the ladder and my feet meeting dear ole’ Mother Earth, I grab hold of Cole’s shoulders. I manage to get my hands around his neck, and as he brings me down my brain cells must be short-circuiting, or self-destructing, or both, because I pull myself right up against him as if I’m some octopus who’s just found its next meal. Given a few more minutes,I might’ve left an imprint of myself on him.

“Birdie, you really think I’d let you fall?” His breath spreads warmth over the top of my head, and it keeps spreading like a runaway fire, only intensifying everything about this moment by a gazillion times.

Cole’s arms wrap tightly around me in a hug. My feet lift off the floor as he holds my body to his. His one arm slackens its grip, but only so he can take hold of my chin and tip my head up.

When our eyes meet, Cole says, “Hi, Birdie. How have you been?”

I almost blurt out that I’ve missed him but swallow the words back just in time. I thought I managed to get over the crush I had on Cole, but seeing him again, the fluttering in my stomach is back with full force.

“Hi, Cole. Welcome back,” I answer automatically as I step out of his embrace while doing my best to get the walls back up around myself to keep others out. Any chance I ever had with Cole disappeared the day I got the first letter from my father. I need to remember that Cole’s come back to bury Hunter, and my father’s coming back to bury me.

I can’t make the mistake of letting Cole in again. Not knowing my psycho father is on his way to finish what he started all those years back.

Cole tilts his head trying to catch my eyes, just like the Holden brothers always do. The family trademark tilt is guaranteed to turn your heart to mush, and boy, it’s sure doing a great job right about now.

I bite the inside of my mouth to keep it from trembling as emotion pushes up my throat. This moment is way too intense for me to handle. I’ve been hanging on by a thread of my sanity and seeing Cole is stretching that thread too thin. It’s going to snap.

I look past Cole at Aiden, hoping he’ll save me from this awkward situation.

“Hi, Aiden. Can I make you guys some coffee? Maybe a beer?” I hear the tremble in my voice and hate that I can’t control my emotions better.

Aiden just gives me the usual comforting smile he always does when he’s here to talk about my psycho father. My eyes drop to the file in his hand, and just the sight of it makes my stomach fall somewhere at my feet.

Why did Aiden bring the file along with Cole?

My eyes dart between the two men as an anxious feeling starts to gnaw at my insides.

“Hey, Birdie,” Aiden answers, drawing my attention back to him. “A beer sounds great.”

I went to Aiden in a moment of weakness, andI regret it. I should’ve hit the road instead. With Cole standing only a few inches from me, I now regret more than ever not running when that first letter came all those years back.

It’s been so hard trying to distance myself from the people I love. Mom, Dad, and Reece wouldn’t have any of it and kept fighting me whenever I tried to push them away. Clay’s been so busy lately that I don’t even have to worry about him.

But now Cole came back at the worst possible time.

About Michelle:

Michelle Heard is a Bestselling Romance Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She loves an alpha hero who is not afraid to fight for his woman.


Connect with Michelle:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MHeardAuthor/

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2qm6Of5

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authormichelleheard/

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/michelle-heard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MichelleAHorst

Stay up to date with Michelle by joining her mailing list today: http://bit.ly/2Py424r


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MY BAD by Lani Lynn Vale



Hoax knows two things very well.

One, he’s not relationship material. Two, the nurse that treats him for erectile dysfunction is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and practically has ‘the marrying type’ stamped on her forehead.

Does that stop him from wanting her? No.

Unfortunately, he learned a long time ago that Army Delta Force and long-lasting relationships don’t go hand in hand.

But beautiful hazel eyes, curly blonde hair, and the prettiest lips he’s ever seen play havoc with his resolve, making him forget his earlier convictions.

All it takes is one teeny, tiny kiss for every shred of control he has to disappear, along with the problem in his pants.

Soon he finds himself doing things that he knows that he shouldn’t. He doesn’t know that he’s found the woman that’s meant to be his. Nor does he realize that her father is the man he’s idolized from the moment he joined the army at the age of eighteen. Because, maybe if he had, he would’ve tried a little harder to ignore the pull he felt between them instead of making her his the night before he deployed for six months.

He also might’ve tried a little harder not to knock her up.





Review by Susan:

This is the fourth book in this series, I do feel it could be read as a standalone as I have not read the previous books and don’t feel as if I missed out, though I will be reading the previous books.

This story follows Hoax and Pru, Hoax has an embarrassing problem but as soon as he sets eyes on Pru the problem is cured. Realising that Pru is something special, Hoax goes all out to win her over, but Pru isn’t having it, especially because Hoax is in the military. Pru’s refusal just makes Hoax all that more determined, can he break down her barriers and persuade her to let him in and give him a chance?

This was a wonderful read, I was totally hooked from the first page and spat out at the end. I loved both the characters and it was fab getting to see past characters too! The chemistry between them is off the charts and melts your kindle, it’s a super sweet, instant attraction story that will have you believing in love at first sight! 5 Stars



Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | BookBub


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Never trust a man who answers the door wearing nothing more than a pair of low-cut jeans and a panty-melting smirk.

That should’ve been my first sign.

I write about guys like him for a living–sexy and charming, yet reluctant to get into a serious relationship. His body screams sex appeal, but his condescending personality makes him a classic f*ckboy.

And I want nothing to do with that.

Writing romance novels comes with its perks—traveling, meeting new people, creating characters from the voices in my head—but Ethan Rochester enters my life and rearranges my preconceived notions about writing what inspires you.

Meeting him was fate, but falling for him was inevitable.
And forgetting him will be impossible.



Amazon US






Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up to write under the USA Today Bestselling pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of You’ve Got Mail and The Holiday. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make your lady bits tingle and your heart melt. If you enjoy romance stories with sexy, tattooed alpha males and smart, independent women, then a Kennedy Fox book is for you!


Keep up with all their social media platforms for updates & info!



In the Land of Gods and Monsters by Carmen Jenner



Title: In the Land of Gods and Monsters

Series: Gods and Monsters Duet #1

Author: Carmen Jenner
Genre: Dark Romance

Cover Design: Be Designs

Photo: Sara Eirew

Release Date: November 20, 2018




In the land of Gods and Monsters, she was a toy. A plaything.
A pet.
His pet.
Taken, stolen, beaten, used.
Pet remembers nothing before his touch, and afterward, she
craves nothing more.
Sinful and merciless, Ares is her God now. He alone says
when to beg, when to come, and when to kneel, but he never said anything about
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99c for a limited time!!


isn’t it?” He presses his front against my back, eliminating the space between
us. My heart races as I feel his erection through his suit pants.
I shiver.
“Will you hurt me in here, Sir?”
“Will you
make me cry?”
“I usually
I steel my
jaw, because the way he talks about my pain, my torment, is just cruel. “Then
what are you waiting for?”
audience,” he whispers, his tongue darting out to lick the space where my
shoulder meets my neck. I close my eyes, bring my arm up behind his head, and
slide my fingers into his hair as he devours my flesh. My body is electric, on
fire, and buzzing with need. His words terrify me, and yet I’ve never been more
turned on.


Author Bio
Jenner is a USA Today and international bestselling author.
A hardcore red lipstick addict and a romantic at heart, Carmen strives to give
her characters the HEA they deserve, but not before ruining their lives
completely first … because what’s a happily ever after without a little

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Beast by Lisa Edward


Title: Beast

A Twisted Tale Series

Author: Lisa Edward
Genre: Fairytale/Romance
Release Date: October 10, 2018


Life had always been good to me, and I made sure to keep it that way.
My mom had given me the only tool I’d need to succeed—manipulation. Add to that
the fact I was beautiful, confident, and rich, and I was on my way to having it
My name is Annabelle, and I was the stereotypical head cheerleader,
dating the star quarterback. The school was mine, and I couldn’t wait to be
crowned prom queen.
One night, my world changed forever. All I believed my future would
hold was ripped from my grasp in a ball of flames. I lost my identity, my
boyfriend, and my friends. Suddenly, I was the monster nobody wanted around.
A scarf hid my true identity, and I was left staring at the beast in
the mirror. My appearance now matched the ugliness I once had inside, but I’d
do everything I could to prove I still had some beauty buried deep within.
Sometimes, you have to lose who you are to become who you were meant to


Review by Paula:
Beast is a twist on Beauty and the Beast. A really good Ya novel for anyone who loves fairytales. Annabella is the one popular girl you love to hate. But what Annabella didn’t know was that her life was gonna change on prom night. Annabella I felt her pain through the author’s words but mostly I found her strength that even herself didn’t realize she had. Tyler that amazing man that when he loves he loves you for you not anything else. This is a book that I think every teenager needs to read. What you look like doesn’t mean anything it’s how you treat others and your soul is who the real you is. 5/5 stars

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$1.99 for release day ONLY!





Author Bio
Lisa Edward
is the author of the Songbird trilogy, the novels Ripped and Broken, the
novella Duty of Care and a contributor to the collation of short stories in
Hook & Ladder 69, and Bleed Blue 69.

While Lisa
has called Melbourne Australia home for her entire life, she has lived and
worked in England, and travelled through most parts of Europe and the United
States. She loves nothing more than spending time with her beautiful daughter,
or curling up into the early hours of the morning with a great novel.

By day, Lisa works in the analytical IT field, so relishes the opportunity to
foster her creative side through writing. Her deep appreciation for literature
was nurtured from a young age, being taught to respect books and get lost in
their stories. She enjoys reading honest and realistic novels that are
relatable, thought provoking, and leave a lasting impression. She can’t write
without music playing, using the emotions from different songs to invoke those
of her characters. Lisa takes inspiration from her own life experiences, the
people around her and those she has met in her travels.


Author Links